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Nov 30, 2006 08:47 PM

Martick's or Charleston for B-day dinner?

My husband is taking me to dinner for my birthday and I was wondering which restaurant we should go to. A little background, we love Charleston and go there for most of our special occasions so we know the food is wonderful and it is our favorite restaurant in town. But I have never been to Martick's and I understand it is quite the unusual place. I don't know if we should go to Charleston and get a meal we know we will love or try Marticks and maybe get a totally different experience. Just an aside, my husband has been to Martick's before so it is not a new experience for him.


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  1. I know Martick's gets a lot of positive chatter on this board, and for good reason. I join the chorus of opinion that it is one of the city's gems. A true original. I've had lovely meals there.

    But please know that these two options are completely different from each other. I assume your husband knows since he has been to both. Just strikes me as odd to have it narrowed down to these two. Though you certainly get "true chowhound" points for doing so!

    1. I'd guess I'd ask you what you expect from your birthday celebrations. I mean many of the reasons that people go to Charleston--sophistication, exemplary service, and a sense of celebrating in style--is not going to happen at Martick's. Going to Charleston is like someone throwing you a grand birthday bash. Going to Martick's is like hanging out a dear old friend's house for the evening.

      You MUST get there though. It's like the last remaining link to Baltimore's restaurant history.

      1. Aside from any other factor, one worth considering is that there is no way to predict how much longer Morris Martick will keep doing what he does, given his advancing age. If all other factors are equal, and you've never been to Martick's, I'd suggest going sooner rather than later.

        Even if you end up choosing to go to Charleston for this particluar celebration, I'd still suggest trying Martick's when you can, rather than putting it off for "someday". As another poster noted, with Hausner's, Marconi's and other "icons" gone, Martick's is one of the last great Baltimore long-time "institutions" still standing, and given the
        Martick's = Morris Martick aspect, the clock is ticking...