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Where to buy Cannoli?

Where's a good italian market in the DC area to buy cannoli?

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  1. Not an Italian market, but Vacarro's in the Union Station foodcourt sells Italian sweets.

    (202) 371-2855
    Lower Level - Food Court
    Italian desserts.

    1. I'll second the Vaccaro's rec. They are a Baltimore institution, and while I think most of their desserts do not deserve the praise they recieve, the cannoli's are the real deal.

      1. There is a Vaccaro's inside 2000 Pennsylvania Ave.

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          If you are in the MD suburbs, the ones at Lucia's in Wheaton aren't bad: http://www.wheatonnet.com/lucias/

          Also, from time to time, Costco has cannoli kits that will satisfy your cravings for years to come.

        2. Agree with the Vaccaro's rec--but don't make a special trip to the 2000 Penn location though unless you check out their hours first. I used to live in Foggy Bottom and often showed up only to find that they were closed.

          1. The best thing about Vaccaro's is that you can buy a cannoli kit and stuff them at home yourself so they don't get soggy. Also, they give you a generous amount of cheese so there's always some left after you stuff all the shells.

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              I agree that Vaccaro's cannoli kits are excellent, but for other Italian desserts in Baltimore would say that Piedigrotta on Central avenue and at the Cross street market is superior.

            2. Wegman's bakery makes a decent cannoli. If you don't see them out just ask for them. They've made them for me on the spot.

              1. If Donna ever opens his grill again, his were the tops on my long list. Don't know if they are on the menu at Bebo's (sp?)

                1. I think the Union Station Vaccaro's stand ships in from the Baltimore location. If you find yourself in Baltimore, I would suggest stopping by.

                  1. It's not an Italian market but A La Lucia restaurant in north Old Town Alexandria has fantastic cannoli. I have ordered them take out with no problem and I think they cater as well.

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                      I agree. A La Lucia has the best cannolis I have every had.