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Nov 30, 2006 08:43 PM

where to buy glass bottles

Where can I buy glass bottles in the cambridge, arlington, or burlington area ? I tried China Fair on mass ave - none- and the brew shop up the street from it - only cases. I need only a half dozen for liqueur gifts.

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  1. I often do homemade infusions as gifts, and try to package them prettily. I have used inexpensive lead crystal decanters from Target, which are nice, as they can be reused. I've also bought wine kits -- bottles, synthetic corks, and plastic capsules that you shrink on with a hair dryer -- online (many sources, easy to find), and Photoshopped up some cool stick-on labels for the front and back. Last, I write and print up a matchbox-sized bartending guide of cocktails, including at least one original recipe, that use the liqueur, and hang it off the neck.

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      I would caution using lead crystal for liquid storage because of the oft-mentioned dangers of lead leeching.

    2. Give Michael's (the craft store) a try. I don't know about bottles for liquor, but I was amazed by their selection of pickling jars.

      1. Pier Four. The best ones are the bottles that the french lemonade sold at Whole Foods Come in. They have those nice ceramic, rubber corks with the hinges attached to the bottle. Make a nice presentation.

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          Don't you mean Pier One? I don't think that Anthony's Pier Four has empty bottles, just full ones.

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            Also, Homebrew Emporium on Mass Av in North Cambridge.

          2. Not sure if there are Cost Plus World Markets in the Boston area but they have a great selection of bottles in various shapes and sizes.

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              I wish!
              Sadly we don't have any around here...