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Nov 30, 2006 08:20 PM

Orlando: Looking for chow near but not in Disneyworld.

Hey folks, going to Orlando for a week and I'll be spending a lot of time at Disneyworld, but don't want to have every meal in the parks. Any suggestions for good chowish places that are close to the resort? I'll be with the family, so nothing too downscale. Favorite genres include barbecue, Italian, Chinese, and southern/comfort food. Thanks!

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  1. I'm assuming you have out-of-resort transportation. . .Search this board for "Sand Lake," that's Orlando's Restaurant Row, and you'll find something for every taste there.

    Also check out this post and read Bob Mervine's recs for Osceola County, which is just south of WDW. Lots of hidden gems there you might like.

    If you have any more specific questions about these places, we're happy to help! :-)

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      We do have a car, so we're flexible. I'll check out those two posts ... anything within a 20-minute drive is fair game for us.

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        Thank you, Covert Ops, for shortstopping me on this post.

        May I just add that the OP seems to lack knowledge about the scope of Disney restaurants. By referring to not wanting to have every meal in the parks, I suspect they are either unaware or forgetting the variety of restaurants in the Disney and non-Disney operated hotels and the dining at Downtown Disney.

        If these options are new to you, I suggest you also search for Disney restaurants for a selection from a wide variety of food -- from great African cuisine to a very enjoyable Irish pub to the seafood served at Todd English's BlueZoo at the WDW Dolphin.


      2. Besides the good info you might find from searching past posts here, you might also find this book useful

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          1. Closest Chinese worth eating is Ming Court, 9188 International Drive. It's closer to Universal Studios than Disney World, but still relatively convenient. It's authentic, rather than tourist Chinese food, if you order correctly. Also, there are over 100 other restaurants along International Drive, so you might want to check out your other options there.


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              Ohhhhhhh yes. Ming Court is great Chinese food. Is it SF Chinatown? Not really. They do, however, try hard. The quality is high as well.