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Nov 30, 2006 08:15 PM

Chicory Recommendations

What is great on the menu here? In general and in particular - what meat-sandwich combos are best? Thanks!

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  1. can't comment on the sandwiches as I have a tough time not getting the fried chicken; it's routinely excellent. the roast pork, chicken under a brick and all of the little sandwiches ('snackers') are also consistently tasty. for sides, go for the escarole, roasted root veggies and baked beans. if there's chocolate cake, get it as it's amazing.

    1. I like everything there! From the pasta to the side dishes to the fish to the chicken under a brick. It's a great place with high quality food. Sorry I have never gotten a sandwich, though.

      1. I agree, really tasty well-prepared food. My favorite sandwiches are the buffalo chicken with blue cheese and Frank's red-hot sauce and the meatloaf melt. The chicken salad is good too although I preferred the truffle chicken salad they used to have over the current chicken salad with apples and cranberry. Brisket, pork shoulder and grilled chicken BLT are all good too. And if you get the french fries, be sure to get the truffle mayonnaise. It's to die for.

        1. The argentine salad is pretty slamming! I like it both ways- with pork or beef. I also love the mushroom spaetzle. I eat delivery from there 3 times a week. Sandwich-wise, you gotta just try and try- the gluten sandwich's are good, but try a burger with one of the toppings. That's my fave. Don't forget the homemade chips! Lately I've been all about the argentine though.

          1. I find the sandwiches to be hit or miss - I think they've recently revamped the sandwich menu, but they used to use supermarket bread and bad iceberg lettuce - but the best item on that menu is the breakfast salad. It is an obsession of mine lately, it's so good; greens - frisee and romaine I think - tossed with radish, cucmber, cherry tomatoes, tiny cubes of fried potato and a scrambled egg. You can add bacon or sausage if you want, too, which makes it even more fabulous. They also do a decent hamburger, great fried chicken, and I usually dig the salads in the case - the brussel sprouts and beets are reliable. Other not to be missed items at Chicory are the sweet potato fries and the homemade potato chips. Both are super crispy and suprisingly delicious.

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              they stopped carrying the sweet potato fries months ago, as they were out of a bag and they made a policy against this.

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                That's too bad! I moved recently - I used to live around the corner, now I am a bit farther away closer to Red Hook - so I am obviosuly not as up on the menu as I used to be. Those fries sure were good though...