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Nov 30, 2006 08:11 PM

visiting montreal, byob?

I am going to be in Montreal and am wondering about byob restaurants. Is is only restaurants without licences that can be byob? How can I tell if a restaurant is byob? I have read that beer is ok too. Is that right? Is there always a corkage fee? Does anyone know a good link for finding a list of places online, as I won't be going until next weekend and want to make plans. Have been to byob places before but not in Montreal. Sorry to bombard with questions, any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Restaurants have to have a BYOB license. Here's a guide, not very up to date though, that will help you find the restaurants.
    Some are missing, like A L'Os, O'Thym, Chez Christophe and a newer italian place on St-Laurent (where there's a corkage fee). As for corkage, except for the italian place, I don't think most restaurants charge it. Some allow beer, call them to make sure they do.

    Some of the best places are La Colombe, O'Thym, Blue Raisin, le P'tit Plateau, Chez Christophe, Pégase, Yoyo, les Héritiers...

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      Just to clarify, the Italian place is 55° and is not truly BYOB. They sell wine at SAQ prices plus a small flat markup.

      To further clarify, if a place has a full liquor license, you can't bring your own. If it's BYOB, corkage is not allowed but food often costs a little more than comparable fare at a licensed place.

      1. re: Mr F

        Actually, there's one new place that opened about 2 months ago.
        Apollo Restaurant
        6389, boulevard Saint-Laurent
        (514) 274-0153

        Corkage fee is 8 dollars unless it changed.

        1. re: Campofiorin

          Thanks for the info. I was always under the impression that corkage is illegal for true BYOB. Some people call it "corkage" when their wine list is SAQ price + flat markup, and that's legal.

          1. re: Mr F

            My understanding is also that it's illegal for BYOs to charge corkage.

          2. re: Campofiorin

            La Chesterman's review confirms that Apollo is a BYO with corkage but says the fee has been cut to $5 a bottle. Will have to check out the applicable laws and regulations.

            FWIW, she also gave the place 1 1/2 stars.


      2. You can bring beer now, but not hard liquor. Yoyo is really one of the best, but their prices have went up lately. There's a small place on Masson called Le zeste de folie which is really good.

          1. Having lived in Montreal about 5 years ago, L'Academie (St Denis and Duluth) was one of our favorite BYOB places, as it was slightly more elegant than the typical Montreal BYOB experience. There was also a small Italian place around the corner on Duluth that didn't even seem to mark up their food to compensate for the lost alcohol profit, so that was another favorite.

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              I think the small Italian place you mean is Eduardo's. It's good.

            2. The original comment has been removed