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Nov 30, 2006 07:49 PM

The best Pizza pick by Time Out NEW York

The Chowhound are going to love this DIFara's is rated # 1 in all of the 5 boro's

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  1. Nick's in Forest Hills which I can easily get to is #7. Considering all the Pizza places in NYC, I'll settle for #7.

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    1. re: Mike V

      Nick's deserves a #1 for consistency! I've never had a bad pie there in about 25 visits. They always get it right. The center of his pie is never soggy. Plus I like that you can get a half red, half white.

    2. I'm a fan of Nick's myself. Hands down one of the best pie's in Queens.

      1. I thought Lucali deserved a mention. Hmph!

          1. re: FAL

            lucalis is in carroll gardens, brooklyn
            575 henry street
            718 858-4086

          2. This is one of the never-ending debates, but if I did not mention "Bleeker Street Pizza" then I'd be in sin.