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Nov 30, 2006 07:25 PM

Hip, sophisticated restaurant or establishment for a party in LA???

Hi! Brand new to Chowhound, and am trying to find a modern, clean, unique place to throw a party this Spring in the LA area for 100 or so people. Want to have a DJ, dancing, good food, and a unique visual aspect to the joint (views, sea or city) or just a great ambience and decor visually in the place. Don't want to spend much more than $15k.

Looking LA, West LA, or West Side.

Any ideas???

Thanks so much!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I've thrown a few parties in LA, for about 70 people and $7000-$8500 at the following places:

        Ivar in Hollywood ( : Not a restaurant, but they have their own catering. The food was good, not fantastic, though. We had it for 4 hours, until the club opened at 11 p.m., and part of the deal was that we all got wristbands for the club.

        CineSpace in Hollywood ( Great food - I was surprised - and atmosphere at this place. Buffet style, but the quality of the food was excellent.

        Nacional in Hollywood ( : Not sure if this place is still around, but they have a cuban place next door that did the food. The atmosphere is sleek and hip, and we had a full, sit-down service dinner that included steak and lobster for a really great price.

        Canal Club in Venice ( We rented out a back room there. The food was good, but the service was horrible. Maybe it was just a bad experience and isn't reflective of the restaurant? In any case, it's close to the beach.

        Oasis in Los Angeles ( Really cool atmosphere - Morroccan style, lots of color and wrought iron and candles. We did a finger-food party and everyone was happy. Probably the best experience, atmosphere and price out of all of these.


        1. last time I checked the going rate at the Standard downtown rooftop was around $11K. It's modern and has great views, plus catering available and bar service. DJs are welcome as well. You can select how much of the rooftop to rent out at a time too, which changes the cost.

          I know that the Oviatt rooftop downtown is far less expensive, but that's deco, not modern.

          Not exactly West LA, but I don't know the going rate for the Standard Hollywood.

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            I highly second Standard Downtown. The Hollywood one is not as fun -- you just get to rent out the pool area, and dancing space is minimal. The downtown one, however, has stunning views of downtown LA (the nights lights are gorgeous), a very cool-looking bar and bartenders to boot, a wide pool, three space-shuttle like water beds, dancing space, dj room, mod bathrooms, and a movie playing off the wall of a building across the street (last time it was playing Star Wars :) ).