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Brussels Sprouts on the Menu in SF?

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I always order brussels sprouts when I see them on the menu (usually as a side dish). I've had great versions at Luella and Firefly, and recently had a not-so-great version at The Front Porch (way too sweet).

Any others been spotted around town?

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  1. Robert Lauriston highlighted the brussel sprouts w/capers on the menu at Perbacco (200 block of California St. SF), an very good new (northern) Italian restaurant. There is a thread on Perbacco active on this board. A side dish of brussel sprouts is $4.

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      It was $5 when I was there. Really good, great value.

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        Yesterday's lunch menu shows all the vegetable sides at $4. Sounds like they charge $5 at dinner.

    2. I thought the brussel sprouts I had as a side at Lark Creek Steak were very good...

      1. I forgot I also had a good version at Bacar. Anyone seen them at Coco500 this year?

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          I'll second the mentioning of Bacar's brussel sprouts being good, which I had a couple of months ago.

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            I just had them at Coco500 last weekend. They were separated into individual leaves and sauteed with tiny bits of apple and tiny bits of ham. Very delicious, but/and lacking in that characteristic brussel sprout edge. The brussel sprout haters at the table expressed surprise at loving them. I loved them, but wasn't sure they qualified as a brussel sprout dish.

          2. i know i'll get hell for this, but since i used to work there i know that they DO make good food, it's just not always what gets ordered.

            anyway, pasta pomodoro does a great brussels sprouts side with browned butter, sage and red onion. make sure to order them well-done, 'cause if the kitchen serves them any less than brown they just aren't as good. also during brussels season they have been known to do a great cold salad with brussels, egg, lemon and cooked-to-order bacon tossed in at the last minute.

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              No apologies necessary, as I am a BIG Pasta Pomodoro fan. I think they do a good job and give VERY good value for the money. I have eaten at 3 different PP locations in SF over the past few years.

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                I agree. The brussel sprouts at Pasta Pomodoro and Lulu are the best I've had.

              2. I don't like brussels sprouts, but LOVED them at Michael Mina.

                  1. Solstice has a great brussel sprouts dish!

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                        I agree - LuLu's Brussels Sprouts have been superb for years. Seared in brown butter, sage and garlic.

                      2. Lime always has a "good for you" dish that rotates. About a year ago it was a highly memorable brussles sprouts and bacon.

                        For the pedants out there, it's brussles sprouts, not brussel sprouts. Not that I'm a pedant or anything.


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                            Actually, its Brussels Sprouts

                          2. Luna Park, so says a raving colleague.

                            1. Jeanty at Jack's... at least last time I was there.

                              1. Kuleto's does a nice sautee of the leaves with red pepper flakes and garlic. delicious side to share for a table and very substantial.

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                                  In the East Bay, Cesar on Piedmont has a nice "planked" option.

                                  1. I second the suggestion of well done brussels sprouts at Pasta Pomodoro. They're terrific. The other great brussels sprouts dish I've had is the warm brussels sprouts salad at Pizza Antica. It's one of the only times I've ever seen the leaves separated. They're sauteed and combined with boiled egg, carmelized onions, croutons, some kind of vinaigrette and lots of bacon. I think they somehow made brussels sprouts unhealthy. Delicious, though.

                                    1. Delfina. Killer sprouts with pancetta and finely diced carrots...I'm drooling remembering.

                                      1. I had very good and garlicky brussels sprouts at Boulevard Cafe, just off John Daly Blvd. in Daly City.

                                        1. Had brussels sprouts twice this week. Once at Luella -- agree that they were great --- but even better at Bella Trattoria on Geary -- fabulous -- prepared with garlic, pine nuts and pancetta. It was a special starter, so not sure if on the menu every night.

                                          1. Farther afield: Market in St. Helena

                                            1. Acme Chophouse had a great side dish with whole-grain mustard. It's on their web menu, but it may need to be updated.

                                              My favorite is a caramelized Brussels sprouts dish with pancetta, onions & a balsamic reduction.

                                              1. Rose Pistola in North Beach had them, roasted with pancetta, when I was there on Saturday, but I didn't order them so can't speak for them.

                                                1. I'll second the recommendation for Pasta Pomodoro. They do consistently great sprouts.

                                                  1. Last Friday (12/15) Oliveto had a shaved brussel sprout salad with olive oil and shaved pecorino romano. Very simple but very good.