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Nov 30, 2006 06:57 PM

Need ethnic food that you'd walk 3-4 miles for.

Doing another 7-8 mile, round trip urban walk on Sunday, and I'm looking for a good place to end up at for some good ethnic grub. Would prefer the LA or Pasadena area - we can just park somewhere that's 3-4 miles away, walk there, eat, then walk back.

Two weeks ago we walked from Pasadena to Triumphal Palace in Alhambra, then last week, we walked from Toluca Lake to the Porto's in Burbank.

Would be nice to find a great non-dim-sum, and non-Cuban place for this weekend's walk. In your opinion, what's good enough to justify a 7-mile round trip walk?


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  1. Green Papaya in Alhambra for Thai. Their cook is from Thailand (you would be surprised how many Thai restaurants in LA don't have Thai cooks) and makes excellent food. Daily specials are great and I particularly like their version of Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles). Be sure to specify non-"farang" (foreigner) style for the full effect :)

    1. Oh, Myung Dong Kyoja on Wilshire and Hobart (I think? A few blocks East of Western)
      It's a Korean noodle restaurant. The only dishes on the menu are about 4-5 types of noodle soup and one kind of dumplings, and it's so very good.

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        Are they open on Sundays? I noticed that a lot of the k-town noodle places seem closed on Sundays for some strange reason...

      2. Park at Legg Lake in South El Monte & walk to Birrieria La Barca that is about 4 miles... mesmerizing Birria, Camarones a la Diabla & Molcajetes. Also the fruit smoothies & juices will reinvigorate you for the walk back. (Be prepared to wait standing 30 minutes for a table... they don't take reservations).

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          Sounds perfect, thank you! What is Birria...?

          1. re: Clare K

            That's Goat - but don't be put off, it tastes like lamb only better and birria soup is more restorative than Chicken Soup!

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              Slow-cooked, tender, juicy, tangy-gamey goat. Yum.

        2. Park at Los Angeles Valley College (Coldwater Canyon and Burbank Blvd, Valley Glen) and walk to the Wat Thai (one block south of Roscoe Blvd. on Coldwater Canyon Ave)... eat some really good Thai food for very cheap, then walk back, maybe down Fulton Ave. instead, or let yourself into the Tujunga Wash at Vanowen St. and walk down it to the mural that ends at Burbank Blvd.

          The Wat serves food at its stalls from 11ish to 3ish on weekends only. If you're outside that time, you can go to Krua Thai, which is on Ethel and Sherman Way, or Bua Siam, which is on Coldwater Canyon and Sherman Way, or to Las Quenas Peruvian restaurant (fantastic ceviche) on the corner of Bellaire Ave. and Sherman Way.

          1. kinda off subject, but are these urban walks organized? where can i learn more?

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              Oh, I just do it with a friend. That way, we can eat and not feel guilty since we'll burn anywhere from 700-850 calories from the walk (then put it all back with, say, a Cubano at Porto's). I highly recommend it!