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Nov 30, 2006 06:50 PM

Applewood chips

Can anybody suggest a place where I might be able to buy applewood chips for smoking this time of year? Preferably in the Cambridge/Somerville area?

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  1. Call the Brookline Ice Company (617-232-0941) on Brookline Ave in Brookline; I used to buy hickory and mesquite there.

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    1. re: paulgardner

      Brookline Ice and Coal is easily the best source for packaged chips in the Boston area. However, I think the BBQ Barn in Arlington used to have bags of different flavored chips. Maybe call them if they're close to you.

    2. Whole Foods carries wood chips, although its possible they are not in stock at this time of the year.

      You may be better off mail-ordering some:

      If you order wood from this place be sure to get some of the best BBQ sauce on the planet: Blues Hog.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions!

        1. Just for future reference: Someone also suggested the Bar-B-Que Barn in Arlington (not sure about the spelling). Supposed to have lots of essentials.