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Are any of the 3 arugula-type salads at Westville good?

What about the corn appetizer?

What's the best dessert?

Any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. i recall having an arugula and goat cheese salad that was good. all the market sides are delicious. the corn-on-the-cob is awesome! they had a butterscotch pudding for a long time that was amazing but my server told me last time i was there that the chef who made their desserts was leaving so i'm not sure anymore.
    the niman dog and burger are both amazing. enjoy.

    1. The burger is great. But no cookie has ever blown me away.

      Greek salad is good too.

      1. I had a homemade Oreo cookie there that I crave constantly.

        1. I had the burger (delivered). It was pretty good, I want to try something new though. Preferably a salad w/out goats cheese though. I'll try it out and report back.

          1. I can't believe I'm saying this but... I recommend the brussel sprouts. I despise brussel sprouts with almost every bone in my body and somehow loved Westville's version when I snagged a few off my friend's plate. What can I say?
            Also (and this has been said before) the turkey burger rocks.
            Haven't had the desserts but that Oreo cookie sounds tempting!

            1. I pretty much think everything about Westville rocks. Their chili dog (if you're into that sort of thing) is great too.

              1. I'll be honest...I really don't like the burger at Westville. I only had it once, but I was completely underwhelmed. The turkey burger is good and I love the corn on the cobb.

                1. westville's salads are generally chopped salads, which i'm not too fond of because it sort of bruises the leaves of things like arugula (as opposed to lettuce)... of course i prefer simple whole leaf salads, so it's just a matter of opinion. for vegetables from westville i prefer their sides - really yummy, especially the cauliflower, the corn, and the mashed sweet potatoes.

                  the corn is much better if you get it at the restaurant, in case you were thinking delivery, which i often do since the wait can be pretty long.

                  1. Sadly, I didn't get to go because of a 2-hour delay in my gf's flight (thanks, Virgin!). But soon, I promise!

                    Jane for breakfast now. Mmmmmmmmm.

                    1. Finally had the homemade oreo cookie yesterday. Fantastic. Nice balance of filling and chocolate. I sense that I'm going to start craving them constantly.

                      1. I always get the watercress arugula salad with the grilled salmon-it's excellent!

                        1. had a plate of the market sides last night, it was excellent: cauliflower very sweet and cooked almost al dente, brussel sprouts the way I like 'em, cooked through but still with a horseradish kick, great beets and walnuts, and excellent kale. The plate was huge, and perfect and delicious. a great find in the area. my friend had the cobb salad and since it was kinda chopped style, she said every bite tasted the same in the end so I take it that's bad.

                          1. I was there last night, too (around 6) -- but had the fennel (amazing), turkey burger (awesome), arugula and watercress salad (very good), and corn (amazing). A+ again.

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                              we were there around 10pm, a later dinner; great people, great food, great prices . . . I've been recommending this place all week . . .

                            2. Has anyone gotten delivery from Westville? I'm wondering if it is a good option for delivery in the area.

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                                I order every Friday. Great option. Burger, veggies, corn all travel well. Takes 45 minutes.

                              2. my favorite dish at westville they only make for lunch. chicken ruben sandwich. hands down one of the best sandwiches i've ever had.

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                                  Still wating for Westville in West Village to reopen. Looks as if it might this weekend. I do like their turkey burgers (on a fantastic Portuguese bun), hot dogs (vegan and Nieman Ranch), and the market sides- especially the butternut squash. Delicious. But their cappuccinos are awful, as they don't have careful baristas ("May i have some burnt espresso with that burnt milk?") and are clearly using low-quality beans. Originally, they used Danesi, and the guys pulling the shots seemed to care. I should think that's an important upgrade to make, especially if they're opening for breakfast, as they've indicated.

                                  (Stomach turn: A few days ago, I passed Westville on 10th and an open carton of hot dog buns was lying in front of the door, and no one seemed to be inside. Given tthe rodent invasion in these parts, I couldn't help but wonder who got there first: owner Jay or Ratatouille and friends. I.won't be ordering the delish Nieman Ranch dog and bun any time soon...)