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What's for dinner tonight?

jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 06:40 PM

We're supposed to get colder than usual weather tonight and it's put me in the mood for comfort food. Anyone have plans for dinner tonight that you'd like to share? I could use some suggestions. I was thinking stew, maybe white chili? Something tasty and easy is what I'm looking for.

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  1. marthadumptruck RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 06:42 PM

    Malaysian-style chicken curry from the Gourmet cookbook with brown rice

    Green beans

    Hot toddy TBD

    1. Andiereid RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 06:42 PM

      Man, lucky you. It's 78 degrees here in Wilmington, NC. I'm ready for some cold weather. It's been hot all week.

      I love a good white bean soup when it's cold out. With some kale and pancetta then sprinkled with toasted bread crumbs and parmesan cheese and a little drizzle of olive oil.

      I think we'll be eating ice cream and popsicles. Sheesh.

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      1. re: Andiereid
        redleo_81 RE: Andiereid Dec 1, 2006 02:37 PM

        Do you mind sharing your white bean soup recipe? My mouth was watering just reading what you wrote...YUM!

        1. re: redleo_81
          Andiereid RE: redleo_81 Jan 1, 2007 05:19 PM

          Oops! Somehow I missed this one! I'm sorry. Maybe too late, but here's a shot anyhow:

          My white bean soup recipe is really, really simple and I do use canned white beans, and like it just fine.

          For two:

          1 Tbs. olive oil
          one small onion, diced
          one medium carrot, diced
          1/3 cup pancetta, diced
          1 can white beans
          1/2 cup chicken broth
          1 cup kale, rinsed and chopped
          kosher salt and cracked black pepper
          1/2 cup bread crumbs
          1/4 cup parmesan cheese, grated
          extra-virgin olive oil for drizzling

          Sautee the onion, carrot and pancetta in 1 Tbs. olive oil in pot over medium heat until onion is transluscent, about 3 minutes. Add canned white beans and stock and kale. Simmer 15 - 20 minutes. Ladle into oven-proof bowls. Sprinkle bowls with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, then drizzle with olive oil. Broil until crumbs are browned - about 3 - 5 minutes.

          By the way, it's STILL 70 here in Wilmington. We are getting some "weather" right now, though.

      2. j
        jackie de RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 06:48 PM

        I'd rather be in Wilmington! We're expecting anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow and had an ice storm this a.m. Yuck. Need good comfort food today, so I'm making beef stew with brown ale and lots of great vegies. We'll be mopping up the sauce with the terrific Kalamata No-knead bread I made. Cranberry cake with caramel sauce for desert.

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        1. re: jackie de
          Candy RE: jackie de Nov 30, 2006 07:20 PM

          We are not going to be so lucky in the snow dept. If anything we might get an inch overnight but the temps are dropping. I have a flatiron steak for tonight and I was just looking at Opinionatedchef's polenta and may make a small version of that to go along side and some turnip greens.

        2. Johnresa RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 06:49 PM

          65 degrees here in Boston...yet I am still having soup...lol. Leftovers from yesterday.

          1. l
            LARaven RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 06:58 PM

            Something like country style beef ribs browned then cooked in either cream of mushroom soup or make your own gravy. Served with mashed potatoes and carrots or other vegetable. Mush soup gravy makes it tasty and comforting :).

            One time I used stew meat simmered in beef broth till its done then I made gravy with the broth.

            1. j
              jbeaux RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 06:58 PM

              Well, it's supposed to hit 33 degrees here in San Clemente (CA) tonight(!), which is NOT something any of us are used to... The kalamata no-knead bread sounds delish. Would you share the recipe? And pancetta.. good call.. I think I'll have to crumble that over whatever we make ;)

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              1. re: jbeaux
                jackie de RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 07:04 PM

                Sure, the kalamata no-knead bread is just the no-knead bread(hundreds of posts on this board and I"m sure you can find the recipe) with drained, pitted, chopped kalamata olives added to water before mixing into flour. I used about 1/2 to 2/3 cup olives and it turned out great. Hard to believe this crusty, yummy bread can be made so easily at home.

              2. c
                CookingGirl RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 07:03 PM

                It's crazy warm in Boston. I had planned on baking some Mahi Mahi in the oven, but I'm thinking that the stovetop might be better given the temp out. Making a yummy side of black beans (canned black beans, tomatoes, onions, cumin, etc).

                1. k
                  Kari RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 07:13 PM

                  We just had a cold front come through in Az, highs in the 50's which is down right freezing for us natives! Potato soup was last nights, but tonight I feel like fried eggs, toast and bacon!

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                  1. re: Kari
                    djohnson22 RE: Kari Nov 30, 2006 07:44 PM

                    Funny, I was just thinking about eggs and sausage for dinner tonight just a little while ago.

                  2. k
                    Kelli2006 RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 07:20 PM

                    beef stew and biscuits.

                    1. katp RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 07:23 PM

                      We're expecting a 40-50 degree drop in temp by tonight here in South LA! Have a vat of homemade vegetable beef soup defrosting that I made during an earlier cold spell to enjoy when I get home from my final tonight.

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                      1. re: katp
                        Andiereid RE: katp Nov 30, 2006 07:26 PM

                        Whoo! That's a big one! Perfect dinner for that. My folks are in Arkansas and they're expecting a good drop in temps too. Y'all send that on this way! And good luck on your final!

                      2. h
                        HillJ RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 07:28 PM

                        Oddly warm in NJ but I hear tomorrow awful rain...so we're sitting down to chicken bistro sandwiches tonight and butternut squash soup is planned for tomorrow.

                        Just bought a new wine from a local vineyard...to accompany both!

                        1. bitsubeats RE: jbeaux Nov 30, 2006 07:49 PM

                          I'm here in boston and its unseasonably warm. I miss the cold weather and the snow (never thought I'd say that). Its supposed to snow a bit on monday though

                          breakfast food for dinner...

                          natto with egg yolk, chopped up raddish kimchi, nori, on top of rice.

                          I really really want to eat a whole head of roasted cauliflower though

                          i have bacon too, I bet that would be great crumbled on top of my natto.

                          1. m
                            morebubbles RE: jbeaux Dec 1, 2006 01:08 AM

                            Split pea soup made with ham stock (yellow & green split peas, barley, carrots, celery, etc), served it with jalapeno-cheddar scones. Then sliced ham, scalloped potatoes, etc

                            1. s
                              stacylyn RE: jbeaux Dec 1, 2006 10:55 AM

                              I made Martha Stewart's Beef Bourgignon over egg noodles the other night. Totally comfy food. (And, better as leftovers the next day!!)

                              Find the recipe online at everydayfoodmag.com

                              1. chef chicklet RE: jbeaux Dec 1, 2006 10:24 PM

                                French onion Soup with oodles of cheese and croutons and sherry float on top. My favorite meal ever.

                                1. m
                                  melly RE: jbeaux Jan 1, 2007 06:20 PM

                                  Fresh turkey with two stuffings, green beans with almonds, blueberry cobbler, S. Anderson Champagne with cheese/fruit plate, and blueberry cobbler for dessert. Poppy Cellars Chardonnay with dinner.

                                  1. kparke30 RE: jbeaux Jan 1, 2007 07:10 PM

                                    How about a nice meatloaf? Made one the other night - really came out delicious. Maybe it will inspire!

                                    pound+ of ground meat
                                    chopped onions
                                    quick oats moistened with milk
                                    2 eggs
                                    French dressing/chili sauce/ketchup/something tangy
                                    dash Montreal steak seas
                                    dash seasoned salt
                                    dash roast beef spices or whatever you have

                                    mix up - don't over mix
                                    form loaf in pan
                                    top with pancetta or bacon strips
                                    lightly brush top with tomato sauce (or whatever you used above) but don't smother the pancetta

                                    bake 1 hour 350 deg

                                    1. kitchensalli RE: jbeaux Jan 1, 2007 08:34 PM

                                      I'm making braised Lamb Shanks.
                                      House is smelling soooo good right now.

                                      1. b
                                        BellaDonna RE: jbeaux Jan 2, 2007 09:30 AM

                                        Chicken and dumplings
                                        Chicken pot pie
                                        Beef stroganoff
                                        Corn chowder
                                        Black bean soup

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