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Why are there no burger places like The Counter (LA) in NYC?

With all the new burger places opening, I would think someone would have done a build your own burger place. At The Counter in LA, there are a ton of cheeses and toppings to choose from, sort of like a tossed to order salad with burgers instead of salads. Does anyone think that would be popular or do people only want to choose the basics (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, cheese, bacon, etc.)?

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  1. I think the proper question is, why are there no burger places like In'N'Out in NYC!!?

    1. Island Burgers & Shakes has something like fifty or sixty different toppings. More than enough. I bet it's not the only such place, either.

      1. I know that Counter Burger is lookng to open in Westchester in the near future. Has anyone been to Lucky Burger?

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          I went to Lucky Burger (admittedly, a few weeks after it opened) and I wasn't impressed. It was okay, but it was neither the best nor the cheapest in the neighborhood (I'm comparing it here to Island Burger, the burger that I love at Pigalle, and others).

          Please post if you go there now--I'd like to see if it improved.

        2. I'll second the Island Burger rec, they have so many options, essentially it is a "build your own burger" joint.

          1. You could probably do something like that at the NY Burger Co. (various locations around the city). They make the burgers behind a class counter and if you wanted to point to toppings, you could. Also, the burgers are served w/out condiments, and there is a customer bar with six or eight sauces, onions, pickles, etc.

            However, the burgers there aren't the best.

            1. Not sure what you are looking to put on your burger that you can't find a restaurant that can add it for you.

              If you are more into toppings then the burger you can try any of the Jackson Holes. They have a ton of different burgers you can try. Burger isn't the greatest but you could do worse.

              1. Silver Spurs too, now I think of it (couple of branches). To be clear, I don't like Island Burgers, and Silver Spurs is far from the best in the city - but they are just the kind of places the OP didn't seem to be able to find.

                1. Try Zip Burger on 52nd between 1st and second (close to second)

                  Great Bugers and incredible fries. There is a bun menu, a burger menu, toppings menu, condiment menu, etc... you can choose one or more from each menu to build your burger. It is really good.

                  Check it out


                  1. Yeah, Zip Burger is pretty much exactly what the post is looking for. Also maybe the best fries (w/mayo) in NYC.

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                      The real way to eat fries .... w/ mayo. Preferably a galic aioli.

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                        Is "Jackson Hole" still around? That should keep you happy Cali.