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Nov 30, 2006 06:32 PM

Port for xmas gift $30-$50 range

Hi I have a friend just getting into Port and i wanted to get her a nice bottle of it this year for christmas. She likes Tawny ports, any good recs in that price range?

I enjoy Port but am no afficianado and would like to learn more myself. Personally i like Churchill's 10 yr Tawny as my drink of choice but am looking to expand my horizons.


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  1. I like kalyra's tawny port. Very drinkable. it comes in a split. under $50 by a long way.

    Otima by Warre costs more, but is very nice.

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    1. re: Diana

      Kalyra's is a Tawny, but it isn't Port(o).

    2. Had some ware's otima 20-year-old tawny at a tasting a while ago and it was great. taylor fladgate's 20-year-old isn't bad either.
      vintage port is probably gonna be outta your price range for good things which are old enough to drink, so tawny's probably your best bet. or you could always get some madeira, say a d'oliveira? i've found madeira tends to be a little less ridiculously priced than some ports.

        1. I love Tawny ports, My favorite in that price range is Grahams 20 year.

          1. If she likes Tawny Porto, the best (IMHO) 20-Year Tawny Porto around is Ferreira's. I much prefer it to Graham's, Warre's, Taylor's, Fonseca's, etc., etc. It's widely regarded as the best around. (Even Johnny Graham [of Churchill, Graham] enjoys it!)

            If she likes Tawny Porto, I would NOT get her a Vintage Porto . . . unless you want to spend a lot more than $30-50 and buy a Vintage Porto from 1983. But you might want to consider a Colheita, a Tawny Porto from a single harvest.