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Nov 30, 2006 06:30 PM

Italian rum cake w/o going to North End?

Looking for a great Italian rum cake in the Metrowest area, without traveling to Norwood (Guarino's) or Everett to the Elm St. bakery, or the North End. Anything comparable out here?

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  1. Antoine's, 317 Watertown Street, Newton. I was referred there by two coworkers some years ago when I was looking for a special birthday cake for my mom, and was very very pleased w/the result.

    I haven't had their cake in ages, but a quick search on this board shows that other local Hounds have and they seem to like it too.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      I second Antoine's. Great rum cake.

    2. I can't make a personal recommendation, but based on the posts linked below, I've been meaning to try Continental Bakery in Everett, and they have Italian rum cake.

      edit: whoops, I misread your post, you DON'T want to go to Everett. Ah well, never mind!

      1. la contessa in davis square. and, grab a cannoli while you're waiting.

        1. Boiani's Market on Rt. 9 in Southboro doesn't bake their own goods, but they do have a nice assortment of local and imported Italian foods, particularly for Metrowest.

          Not sure if they carry rum cake, but if you're nearby, it's worth stopping in to check. Go at lunch and get one of their terrific sandwiches!

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          1. re: finlero

            not positive but i think they went out of business. i went looking for rum cake last xmas and they didn't carry it. in any event, i'd call first to see if they're still there. as to antoine's in watertown the rum cake is pretty good but make sure you're getting the whipped cream frosting. some bakeries use a butter cream (crisco cream?) frosting that is just plain wrong! and if you go to antoine's within a day or two of xmas be prepared to wait. long lines!

          2. Modern Bakery in Medford Sqr?