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Nov 30, 2006 06:25 PM

Rehearsal dinner

Would like to host a wedding rehearsal dinner in Phoenix or Scottsdale in October without breaking the bank. Probably 30 adults and 15 kids all under 8. Any fun places for under 30.00 per head or even less?

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  1. Hmmm, it totally depends on what kind of scene you are looking for, but I have been to a private dinner at Golden Buddha at the Chinese Cultural Center and the food and service were great and the scenery is decent too. It should fit your budget, is a bit different than the norm and kids seem welcome.

    A totally different place would be Monti's on Mill - retro Southwest, can be described as campy, but the food is decent and they can accommodate the crowd and budget won't be a problem. I attended a rehearsal dinner there and thought it was fun. Esp. good if lots of guests are from out of town and want the "Arizona Experience" and the kids will fit in just fine.

    Another interesting option might be Layalena - a Mediterranean restaurant on Scottsdale Rd north of the 202 with dancing and a hookah bar (the last I checked) and good Lebanese-style food. They can accomodate large parties and it is affordable. Totally fun and different.

    Another one - Tradiciones. It's been reviewed lately on these boards. It's connected to Phoenix Ranch Market and is big and beautiful, delicious, affordable and kids would fit right in. It has a nice festive feel also.

    Good luck!

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      During a visit to Tradiciones yesterday, I noticed a big function room available for private events. I now think this might be a better option than the cowboy steakhouses I suggested below.

    2. This may not be at all what you had in mind but...

      When we got married we had a big formal wedding the day after Thanksgiving. We also hosted a Thanksgiving buffet at our home the day before for about 30 family and out out town guests.

      So for the rehersal on Wed night we wanted something fun and cheap. The two sides of the family had never met before and are as opposite as can be so we needed somethign also casual that would be conducive to visiting and a hopefully successful meeting.

      We ended up renting the Pope's table at Buco di Beppo's in Seattle. Everyone had a really great time getting to know each other and we fed 22 people for right around $300 including that wonderful jug chianti they serve.

      Certainly not the best food around and might not be the right environment for your crowd but it worked great for us rather than something formal since we had plenty of formality coming with the wedding itself...

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      1. re: ziggylu

        I know someone else who did the same thing for exactly the same reason (families didn't know one another, etc). We were invited as "the bridge" i.e. the only non-family members to attend but could be depended upon to keep the conversation flowing if anything prickly or difficult arose. It was a rollicking-good party, enjoyed by all. The walls of Buca di Beppo alone can keep strangers busy for the whole meal. Also, it's tough to be stilted when you're sharing the table with the Pope's effigy at table's center. We even put a hat on him!

        However, after re-reading your post, I see the total count is more like 45 and that is too large for the Pope's table. Sorry because it could have been a fun night for everyone.

        1. re: Sherri

          whoopsie I missed the total quantity too!

          also, i'd just like to mention in my own defense that the "wonderful jug chianti" was meant tongue in cheek! Like everything else at Beppo's it's not the best out there but can be fun and may even serve a purpose at time(definitely served a purpose that CFO dad and my overgrown hippie FIL were the best of friends by the end of the night thanks to that stuff!)

          Tradiciones sounds like it could be a great option. I'm sure margaritas work as well as chianti for breaking the ice if needed!

      2. Because of the 2:1 ratio of the kids I'm thinking Patsy Grimaldi's, that "Brooklyn" pizza chain. Thin crust, fresh topping pizza, unlike anything else in the valley.

        Casual yet yummy and what kid doesn't like pizza? They also have a great bar (at least the one in Chandler does) and there's a patio you can rent out as well - you said Oct 2007, right? They have yummy salads too.

        1. I'm hoping to do my rehearsal at Tradiciones, so if that's your pick, please post and let me know how it turned out. I am thinking the atmosphere and food would be a fantastic treat for the back-east and midwesterners.

          1. I think that most of the "cowboy" steakhouses in town could deliver something (more the experience than the meal) that would appeal to the kids and come in at your price point. Here are some of the better known ones:

            Reata Pass

            Pinnacle Peak Patio


            Rustler's Rooste

            I don't have much experience at these places, except for an occasional forced business function at Rustler's Rooste, but they are unabashedly tourist-oriented. If most of your guests are coming in from out-of-town and would enjoy a "cowboy" experience, this option might work.

            If your focus is more on the food, I think some of the choices mentioned in other posts above might be better.