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Nov 30, 2006 06:11 PM

Tonight: Saito's or Ike for Sushi

Love Ike when Ike is the chef...
HAve only gone to Saito's once...keep forgetting about it

Either is convenient

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  1. Never been to Saito.

    Never been disappointed by Ike.

    I guess it's pretty obvious what my choice would be ...

        1. Ike is good. But has anyone else noticed that the portion sizes fluctuate somewhat?

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          1. re: linlinchan

            I just went for the first time two weeks ago and noticed the enormous portions (which pleased me greatly). Perhaps it was a fluke but I had a feeling Ike wanted us to come back.

          2. IMHO, Ike is overrated by many on this board. I can walk there from home, but I usually head over the hill to Tama. But to answer your question, Saitos, while expensive, is always exceptional.

            Just figured someone had to defend Saito.

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            1. re: deadorinjail

              I guess I should try Saito's someday as I work about two minutes by walk from there..... But Azami just kills it everytime I go there, and there's never any shenanigans as to whether I know the chef or sumsuch to get treated well (as I have heard is the case at Saito's.)

              1. re: cobalt

                I finally got to try Saito's and was favorably impressed. A couple nit-picks but none related to the food. Chef is very nice, and the waitress/hostess is super friendly and really knows the gig.

                Everything was quite good, and they have GREAT tamago!!

                Prices seemed about average to me.