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Tonight: Saito's or Ike for Sushi

Love Ike when Ike is the chef...
HAve only gone to Saito's once...keep forgetting about it

Either is convenient

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  1. Never been to Saito.

    Never been disappointed by Ike.

    I guess it's pretty obvious what my choice would be ...

        1. Ike is good. But has anyone else noticed that the portion sizes fluctuate somewhat?

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          1. re: linlinchan

            I just went for the first time two weeks ago and noticed the enormous portions (which pleased me greatly). Perhaps it was a fluke but I had a feeling Ike wanted us to come back.

          2. IMHO, Ike is overrated by many on this board. I can walk there from home, but I usually head over the hill to Tama. But to answer your question, Saitos, while expensive, is always exceptional.

            Just figured someone had to defend Saito.

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            1. re: deadorinjail

              I guess I should try Saito's someday as I work about two minutes by walk from there..... But Azami just kills it everytime I go there, and there's never any shenanigans as to whether I know the chef or sumsuch to get treated well (as I have heard is the case at Saito's.)

              1. re: cobalt

                I finally got to try Saito's and was favorably impressed. A couple nit-picks but none related to the food. Chef is very nice, and the waitress/hostess is super friendly and really knows the gig.

                Everything was quite good, and they have GREAT tamago!!

                Prices seemed about average to me.

            2. I've only ever been treated with graciousness and cordiality at Saito, and I have never heard of people complaining about not being treated well there. Maybe you are thinking of someplace else, like Nozawa?

              1. I was treated with indifference at Saito, while a few regulars came in and they got the red carpet. I thought the sushi was very good, and oftentimes, that's enough. If I want friendliness AND good sushi, I go to Azami.

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                1. re: annalulu

                  I'm really surprised to hear that! I've been going to Saito on and off for the past 5 years or so, although not often enough that I'd consider myself a regular (maybe once every 6 months), and from the get-go, I've been treated well, every time I've been, both by Saito and the waitress, whether I'm sitting at the sushi bar or at a table. Saito is just such a teddy-bear of a guy, I can't see him giving attitude to anyone. Maybe you got him on an off day?

                  1. re: DanaB

                    I'm glad to hear that, I will try it again.

                  2. re: annalulu

                    I totally echo what DanaB and mangia said. We are not regulars at Saito's (unfortunatly our starving artists lifestyle prevents that) but we are always treated LIKE regulars whenever we are able to go. Saito is quiet, probably because of the language barrier which some people may not realize, but if you talk to him he will give you a smile and occasionally raise a glass of beer and "kunpai" with you. Sorry about my butchering of the Japanese language ;)

                  3. Went to Saito's. Had a lovely evening... great sashimi and sushi, friendly...no problem.

                    I like Azami also, but I did not feel like driving.