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What to do with 6 egg yolks...?

Other thann hollandaise or creme brulee cause i dont have a torch...what can i do with them before they become compost?

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  1. Make a custard or pudding!

    1. really, really, really unhealthy egg nog!

      1. I don't think you need a torch for creme brulee. Just a broiler.

              1. poach them and then dip your french fries into them....ummmm egg yolks and potatos go so well together

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                  I second this notion! ;-)

                  Edited to add:

                  Or, how about a nice, rich, spaghetti carbonara? There's a current thread running on that concept ;-)

                2. Another vote for creme brulee. That would be a good dessert for the Carbonara.

                  1. Dark chocolate ice cream - uses lots of yolks. I know this from the time I made (really good!) cayenne chocolate ice cream.

                    1. Lots of yummy, homemade mayonnaise for dipping pomme frites! Infuse with herbs, or make aiole and spread on butterflied shrimp and grill (a local treat my family in Maui likes to prepare). Have fun!

                      1. Rich twice baked potatoes

                        Bake, cut in half, scoop out flesh. Mix with yolks, cream, butter, cheese and garlic. Refill shells. Bake again. Sprinkle with more cheese and broil til golden.

                        1. Brioche, or a rich sweet dough for coffee cakes.

                          1. I hesitate to suggest this, but if you have a dog, the yolks are good for its coat. So if you still have some left over after following one of these recommendations, that's an option.

                            1. I could go for an apple clafouti big time.
                              Or, Quiche!

                              1. keylime pie -top with whipped cream--yum