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Nov 30, 2006 05:59 PM

Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steak Company?

I want to send steaks for Xmas gifts. I'm not sure which company to go with, Omaha Steaks or Kansas City Steak Company. Which tastes better in your opinion. Your comments are greatly appreciated.


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  1. I've been really disappointed with Omaha steaks. Thin cuts are the biggest problem with them. The burgers aren't bad. But there's a reason they run so many price promotions.

    1. for what it's worth, my decidely non-'houndish in-laws ordered from omaha & were very disappointed in the cuts, tenderness, taste & expense.

      1. Lobels in NYC...

        The Palm also sends steaks..

        as does Niman Ranch...

        Palm, Washington, DC, 800-388-7256,

        Lobel’s Prime Meats, New York, NY, 877-783-4512,

        Niman Ranch Inc., Oakland, Calif., 866-808-0340,

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          1. re: sgwood415

            Yes it is. It is also some of the most humane and ecologically responsible meat you can find.

        1. Forgot to add that Peter Luger's also does mail order...or did!

          1. I'd go with Allen Brothers. They have great, well-aged prime beef.