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Nov 30, 2006 05:48 PM

Moving! heading to a new nabe will be at 8th ave btwn 37 & 38

Well the subject pretty much says it. My office is moving at the end of the year. So what's to eat over here?

I am more familiar toward midtown, been to Lazarra's pizza, and Pick-a-Pita, Ben's, but there's got to be more.

what's good for lunch around here ?

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  1. Have a family member who works near there too He frequents Village 38 (NW corner of 38th/8th). I've eaten there many times too. They have great sandwiches and salads, a wonderful hot/cold food buffet (I know many of those are scary but this one is not!), and the owners are really nice (Susie especially). The only food we've had there that isn't great is their pizza, everything else is great for lunch. I particularly like their cold noodle salad, too.

    1. come on, someone must have an idea about this neighborhood.

      where do I go for decent lunchtime, Thai, Chinese, burger (is burger and cupcakes any good or am I going to White Castles?) Mexican, and a good bar for after work, it's a must. Even places to go for a lunch meeting, both on the cheap when it's an in-house staff lunch and something classier to impress the clients

      please help

      1. Osteria Gelsi, on the corner of 38th and 9th has very good Italian food. It is not inexpensive but may be a good choice to bring a client.

        1. I used to live there. You'll find several good spots on 9th avenue. There is a thai place called Aceluck, on (roughly) 9th and 40th. I absolutely love the food there, though the atmosphere is kind of cold/modern (nice people though). There are a couple of other thai places on 9th ave too, a couple of blocks down. For chinese, there is T.S.Ma, which used to be very nice but is not what it once was. There is a Fat Sal's for pizza, that's around 9th and 39th. They can make it thin crust if you ask. I agree that the people at Village 38 are cool. Also, there used to be a little-known but cute little Italian place on 38th between 8th and 9th called Napoli Trattoria I think, but last time I was there, it was closed.

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            Aceluck is fantastic. Although the atmosphere isn't great, food is MUCH better when you go there than when you get takeout.

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              I am no longer recommending Aceluck. My recent takeout experiences have been disasters, so I headed there last night thinking it was maybe just takeout. No, the entire place is a disaster.... stuff was swimming in sauces that had never had a heavy sauce previously and the beautiful presentation I'd grown used to was completely absent. Everything was greasy and pretty flavorless - take it OFF your list, please.

            2. Oh - Cupcake Cafe (did that close too? or combine with some coffee shop or something?) has fantastic muffins and whole wheat/pumpkin donuts. As for Mexican, there is a Burritoville on 39th street between 8th and 9th (closer to 9th)... Again there used to be a spectacular Mexican place in the nabe, on the W corner of 38th and 9th, but it closed... I think there is some kind of bar there now.

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                Cupcake Cafe is on the other side of 9th Ave, still very much open. The space is considerably bigger.