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Best clam chowder? (SEA)

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I did a search, but the last posts are at least a couple years old. Does anyone have any updated recommendations for the best clam chowder in Seattle?

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  1. I like Pike Place Chowder best. A lot of people like Market Grill's best. Since both places are in the market it would be pretty easy to do a taste-off.

    1. I've not tried Market Grill's, but Pike Place Chowder is the best I've had by far.

      1. Duke's used to be a big winner of some contests, but that was several years ago. I like how they used dill, but some could find it a bit thin.

        1. This probably isn't what you're looking for, but Canlis actually serves a mean clam chowder.

          Not the sort of thing you can just pop in and grab as take-out for lunch on a cold day, though.

          1. Chowder is to Seattle as Chili is to Texas. Given that, Duke's original recipe chowder is top dog. (They now offer several others but even they haven't surpassed Duke's original.)

            1. I have found that New England style clam chowder here is too thick. Are there any places that do it correctly, i.e., with thin broth?

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                Oh, Pandora, I'm afraid it's out of the box, now...
                Where can a fellah find a good Manhatten-Style chowder around here? Or other soup featuring clams...

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                  It's hard to find good Manhattan clam chowder anywhere except Manhattan. You can order it Manhattan style at, say, Ivar's, but it comes pre-thickened with cornstarch. Even the New England chowdah is too thick in much of New England.

              2. I prefer a thick style clam chowder and Duke's wins out for me.