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Nov 30, 2006 05:30 PM

big fat burrito vs burrito boyz

who do you like better? i personally think big fat burrito kicks burrito boyz' a**. i used to go to burrito boyz a lot for the steak and chicken burritos, and thought they were pretty good. but, one day i tried the halibut burrito, and won't be going back again. it was 1 big peice of old fish, battered and fried in what could only have been week old oil. it made the whole thing taste like a dirty fryer and rancid fish. after this i started going to big fat burrito and having the pulled pork with sweet potato, and i can honestly say that even if i was willing to give burrito boyz a second chance, i won't now since BFB is so damn good.

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  1. Excuse me? Pulled pork AND sweet potato?!?

    I feel like running over right now!

    1. I personally love Burito Boyz....never been to Big Fat Burrito...where is it? It sounds good but I'm very loyal to Burrito Boyz and still go there as often as i can.

      1. where is big fat burrito? like.. pulled pork and sweet potato have GOT to be my two comfort foods, and to put them together.. ohh..too good to be true

        1. For what they are, I like both big fat burrito and burrito boyz. big fat b is on Augusta in Kensington, one street down from College (Nassau?) It is nice, cuz you can sit down at a table there, is more relazing and the neighbourhood is great. They also serve chips and guacamole and a few other things if I recall. Burrito Boyz is great if you are downtown and want a quick take out. I have always had fairly good burritos at both places. Not like places I have been in Southwest US, but very good.

          1. Just recently had a burrito tasting tour of BB, BFB and NY subs.
            Burrito Boyz was easily our favourite.

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              For pics of our tour which includes pics of menus from BFB and NY Subs, kindly visit the following link: