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big fat burrito vs burrito boyz

who do you like better? i personally think big fat burrito kicks burrito boyz' a**. i used to go to burrito boyz a lot for the steak and chicken burritos, and thought they were pretty good. but, one day i tried the halibut burrito, and won't be going back again. it was 1 big peice of old fish, battered and fried in what could only have been week old oil. it made the whole thing taste like a dirty fryer and rancid fish. after this i started going to big fat burrito and having the pulled pork with sweet potato, and i can honestly say that even if i was willing to give burrito boyz a second chance, i won't now since BFB is so damn good.

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  1. Excuse me? Pulled pork AND sweet potato?!?

    I feel like running over right now!

    1. I personally love Burito Boyz....never been to Big Fat Burrito...where is it? It sounds good but I'm very loyal to Burrito Boyz and still go there as often as i can.

      1. where is big fat burrito? like.. pulled pork and sweet potato have GOT to be my two comfort foods, and to put them together.. ohh..too good to be true

        1. For what they are, I like both big fat burrito and burrito boyz. big fat b is on Augusta in Kensington, one street down from College (Nassau?) It is nice, cuz you can sit down at a table there, is more relazing and the neighbourhood is great. They also serve chips and guacamole and a few other things if I recall. Burrito Boyz is great if you are downtown and want a quick take out. I have always had fairly good burritos at both places. Not like places I have been in Southwest US, but very good.

          1. Just recently had a burrito tasting tour of BB, BFB and NY subs.
            Burrito Boyz was easily our favourite.

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              For pics of our tour which includes pics of menus from BFB and NY Subs, kindly visit the following link:

            2. IMHO, the halibut burrito a Burrito Boyz is supernal, smothered in guacamole and all the other sauces they add. The fish is fresh, the batter crisp and not greasy at all. If it grossed you out, either its just not your thing, or they were having a very very very bad day. If the latter, I can understand your not wanting to go back, but for me that halibut burrito usually makes my day!

              1. i think the other thing that really put me off the halibut was the texture. it was quite obvious that it had been frozen multiple times, and was very dry and had that dry fall apart mouth feel to it as opposed to flaking. either way, bfb is better imho and i also enjoy the whole kensington vibe as opposed to bb's heard em in get em out feel

                1. Yeah, no way do they freeze their fish, Burrito Boyz is pretty fanatical about their ingredients. I mean, the beef is from Cumbrae's. Nuff said.

                  That said, the sweet potato at BFB is delicious, although the pulled pork didn't thrill me. Better to skip the burrito and go to Black Camel for a delicious pulled pork sandwich.

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                    What are Black Camel's hours? Everytime I drive by there, the place seems deserted!

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                      I'm not sure at all. Sometimes I wonder if the one on Adelaide has really been discovered by the masses. But then I haven't been there for the office-worker lunch rush so who knows. I know at that time of day get ready for a long line at Burrito Boyz.

                  2. My problem with Big Fat Burrito is that they don't seem to want to put much spice into their burritos. I prefer mine on the hot side and always ask for it spicy. They never really come through. At Burrito Boyz when you ask for spicy you get spicy.

                    1. Never had Burrito Boyz but am a big fan of Big Fat Burrito.....so yummy :)

                      1. I prefer Big Fat Burrito

                        1. Never had anything but BIG FAT BURRITO, but I have been going regularily since I first tried them. . . . They make a great burrito. . . . and if you want spicey, they have the hot sauces lined up on the counter for you

                          1. Burrito Fresh at 208 Bloor West is best avoided, no debate. The manager offered to comp my meal before I even ordered, and I really wanted to like the place so I could write a good review here. I got a chicken burrito (normally $5.75) in a whole wheat wrap (I know, I know) but all fillings emerged from the non-steaming steam table, were wrapped in the tortilla and then foil-lined paper, and then pressed in the panini-maker until the foil fused onto the tortilla. Guac was decent but overall, it was hugely disappointing, bordering on gross.

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                              I have a very different impression of Burrito Fresh. I had a take-out beef burrito and it was definitely of Burrito Boyz quality. I didn't go in, but my wife brought it out to the car. We drove home (20 minutes) and it was still nice and hot. I could taste the good guacamole (chunky and fresh) along with the nice heat from the fresh jalapenos. It was in a whole wheat tortilla, too. Very good. Maybe they've worked out some of the 'kinks', FT, since your visit. I think that they must have just opened around the time of your visit.

                            2. OMG i googled the Black Camel ..I must go there, if it wasn't so cold today i would be there for lunch! Oh well another day, it is definetly on my agenda of food. The charamoula mayo & the egspresso sandwich & the pulled pork ...im drooling on my desk oh no.

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                                Let me know how this works out for you...I've driven past Black Camel for weeks now and if I see the lights on, I never see anyone in there (employees or customers)!

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                                  And report back on the portions. I loved the pulled pork, but was underwhelmed by the value. I was hungry leaving and it seemed my only option was ANOTHER sandwich. I wished at the time they had a small/large options.

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                                    I have to agree with Bluedog . . . I loved the sandwich but I thought the value was a little lacking . . . If it was a slightly bigger sandwich it would be perfect...


                                2. Big Fat Burrito wins for taste, hygienic service, and atmosphere.

                                  1. I've never tried Big Fat Burrito. I've been a loyal Burrito Boyz fan for a couple of years now but I recently tried Quesada (At Church and King East) and have to say I am starting to lean towards them. Sometimes you get the foil fused to the burrito which is a little annoying but I like their choice of toppings better plus they have warm tortilla chips and fresh made salsa. Although I've found all of the 'Medium' salsas to be a bit too hot for me but the 'Mild' to be on the bland watery side. But overall I'd say they are mighty tasty.

                                    1. I have friends from San Fran that swear by Burrito Boyz .....

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                                        I have tried all of these and Burrito Boyz wins hands down in my opinion. Only thing is, consistency needs to be maintained, but that can be said for just about every establishment with the exception of the very very best.

                                      2. I have only had the steak @ BF but I must say the Boyz steak is spicier, @ BF the spice is faint.