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Best chicken tacos

Who has the best chicken tacos in LA? Our beloved Bandini doesn't ever order the pollo, so I'm seeking assistance elsewhere. I'm partial to the Tacomiendo/Por Favor style, just grilled chicken, onions and cilantro (not as big on the stewed chicken thing). Suggestions?

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  1. I don't have an answer but I was thinking of posting the same question for one of my lads. He loves tacos with grilled chicken but won't eat the stewed stuff. Hand made tortillas and grilled chicken with nothing else! I'm not sure what to ask for. I prefer other proteins, the only chicken tacos that I've consuned are his rejects doused with the most potent salsa available. Hey non-mammal consuming ChowHounds; whose grilled chicken taco reigns supreme???

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      Try asking if they have "pollo asado" for grilled chicken instead of the stewed variety

    2. Taco Village on East LA/Montebello border on E Beverly Bl. Good char flavor and excellent salsa bar. I love their nice and lean carne asada too.

      1. i am totally spacing on the name (maybe its ana mari's??) but one of the food stalls in the grand central market in downtown has great grilled chicken tacos.

        1. I live for the chicken tacos at Metro Grill (Olive St at Venice Blvd). Now this place is a greasy, fast food place. I would not touch the burgers and egg fare. But the cook does a few things really well. The chicken tacos (soft tortillas) are brilliant. The chicken is slow cooked and drenched in spices and broth. It is topped with lettuce and salsa. This is one big taco for a buck. Two to three make a meal. Warning: they are messy, leave your dainty dining companions at home. Also, try the homemade papusas. Very nice folks, too.

          1. Casitas Tacos. SIN DUDA. Their chicken (yes, it's grilled), across the board, is the best, and they have a good condiment bar to satisfy your onion and cilantro urge. And their dark red salsa is a thing of fiery beauty. Try the arroz con pollo, too.

            There's two in Burbank and one in NoHo.

            1. Probably the Chicken in Pipian at Loteria Grill.

              Also, I don't remember where, but I had a memorable Pechuga al Chipotle (Grilled Chicken marinated with Chipotle Adobo)... to which very few grilled chicken versions could even hope to measure up to. It was probably at Huaraches D.F. in El Monte.

              1. I know I'm gonna get flamed for mentioning this, but doesn't El Pollo Loco have a chicken taco on its dollar menu? Grilled, simple, easy to find. Now, I'm not suggesting this is the end-all and be-all of chicken or tacos, and the salsa will be bland, but still...

                1. It does indeed - and would never flame :)

                  However, they are really tiny and the tortillas have a tendency to be greasy. Their avocado salsa is actually surprisingly hot - for a chain - but I'm looking for the perfect taco gestalt.

                  1. Esther's Taco House, 13232 1/2 Woodruff in Downey.

                    Now, these aren't your healthy variety grilled chicken tacos. The chicken meat is stewed all white meat and shredded. The chicken is then placed in a fresh corn tortilla and fried until the tortilla is crispy yet chewy. The edges of the shredded chicken overhanging the shell get fried crispy in the process. Cheese and lettuce are then inserted, add rice and beans to the plate and freshly made salsa. The beauty of these tacos are the wonderfull juices that drip down your hand as you take a bite into the taco and then get absorbed into the rice... mmmm. The textures are great as well; the shell is crispy but chewy and the meat is absolutely tender shredded white meat chicken. Again, not the healthy variety grilled chicken taco, but absolutely the best tasting chicken tacos I've ever had. When I used to work in the area I'd eat these babies at least twice a week for several years.

                    1. Josie's in Gardena on 16616 S Normandie Ave has really good hard shell chicken tacos. It's a true Gardena local favorite.

                      1. I think Casitas Tacos is awful. It is overpriced for below average food. The chicken is stringy and the tortillas stale. I tell people to avoid it. I wanted to like it when I walked in but was sadly disappointed. No mas!