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Nov 30, 2006 05:12 PM

Delivery options in Shoreditch/Hoxton

Hello all,

I posted a few months ago looking for general restaurant advice, but I'm hoping in particular to know: recommendations for delivery options in Hoxton? I managed to convince Pham to deliver to me, which has utterly satisfied my sushi craving, I have a decent (though not chow-worthy) local pizza place, and I'm practically on top of every Vietnamese restaurant in the City, so I guess I'm most interested in particular recommendations for Indian, Thai, any really good pizza, and anything else I might not think of. Also, can I trust the produce and meat offerings from Waitrose delivery?

Thanks for your help; cooking and eating out gets me through five or so nights a week, but when I leave work at 9 it'd be nice to have some easier options. Then again, maybe the delivery obsession is a New York thing.


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  1. There are two places on Lever Street & Goswell Road that deliver--Phoenix for Chinese and Bhajis for Indian. Both are really really good, in my very humble opinion. Phoenix is a really good value, too. The guys at Bhajis are really nice. Phoenix is 020 7251 5386-free delivery over £15. Bhajis is 020 7253 3398--free delivery if over £10.

    Thai Thai on Old Street doesn't deliver, that I'm aware of, but they're pretty good (although run by Bangladeshis.)

    Google Deliverance for a generic delivery service. Have not tried them.

    For Pizza, I want to say I've gotten flyers for an "American" place, but I cannot recall the details. Will post again if I run across my flyers in my doorway within the next few days.

    1. There is a small cafe called Comida Mexicana at the Old St end of The Goswell Rd.

      The owner is Bulgarian but worked in a mexican/Tex mex restaurant when he first came to the country. So, he decided to try offering that to supplement his daytime business.

      The food is good, cheap and substantial and they deliver in the area.

      Worth a try


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      1. re: Simon Majumdar

        Simon, I visited Comida Mexicana last week after reading about it on your blog and found it an entirely joyless experience.

        1. re: loobcom


          I enjoyed the food and found the owner very friendly


          1. re: Simon Majumdar

            I was super-excited when the Z&S went Mexican, but I did find my burrito to be a bit, well, hodge-podgy and heavy handed. (Lots and lots of cheese and beans.) All that being said, I'm glad London has one more Mexican place.

            1. re: kristainlondon

              I also recently enjoyed a new place at the southern end of Berwick Street. Called something like Burrito Garden. Also had dinner this week up in a Mexican place in Stoke Newington Church Street. My favourite remains Green and Red. Great food, margueritas and tequila flights. From there, I can easily walk (stagger) home! Not good if you are working the next day!

              1. re: loobcom

                Beach Burrito! I've heard great, great things. (I spent way too much time reading the posts here:


                How was the new place in Stoke Newt? I do like G&R, but maintain a softspot in my heart for Crazy Homies, particularly when DJ Wheelie Bag is playing.

                Still need to make the trek to Brixton for El Panzon...a Chow fieldtrip, perhaps?

                1. re: kristainlondon

                  Sadly it was virtually empty and its quite a large restaurant. So when it was empty, it was very empty. The food about average. My friends steak was rather sinewy, but a quick mention to the owner brought forth and immediate apology and it was deducted from the bill.

                  I am up in Stoke Newington Church Street most Mondays to play Backgammon at The Fox Reformed, maybe I will return, maybe not.

                  Chow fieldtrip to El Panzon? Why not!

      2. I have had some very good Pizza delivered by Basilico in Islington 0800 093 4224

        There seem to be more choices if you live west of Kingsland Road.

        1. Aah! I just read all of the postings about Beach Burrito and now can't wait to go - but unfortunately it's Sunday morning and I work in the City all week, so I won't be able to check it out until Saturday. Now I have a whole week of salivating over the idea of real salsa and carnitas...