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Meet the Chef

Is there a restaurant in Toronto where the chef will come out and greet some of the customers? I think you can tell a lot about a restaurant and their food from the chef's appearance and attitude.

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  1. Any time I have gone to Splendido, chef David Lee would visit our table and others in the dining room.

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      Yes. And he's a very pleasant guy. :-)

    2. Rod Bowers at The Rosebud (669 Queen Street West)

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        Yes, Rod is great, always time to chat and always enquires how you liked the food and specifically what you thought of different items.

      2. Susur has come around a number of times when I've been there.

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          I have seen Susur at Lee as well.

        2. "Pomegranate" in the Beaches....Queen St.E near Lee Ave. The chef is the owner, and you can watch him cook your food. We've been there several times, and he has come out from behind his cooking counter everytime to talk to us. And the food is amazing as well!

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          1. the last time i was at Mistura, the chef came out and spoke to each table.

            1. When I went to Mirabelle Wine Bar, the chef Deron Enbergs (sp?) came out to greet and talk to all the customers in the place.

              1. An obvious choice would be Perigee, where the chefs are all right there.

                1. David Adjey often pops around Maro during the service to speak with guests.

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                    Lol, the question asked in this post is about meeting a CHEF! David Adjey, is not so much a chef as he is great self proclaimed celebrity TV personality who does nothing but walk around, make lame jokes a la Pauly Shore and thinks he is too cool for cooking school! Next time you need someone to "re-do" a menu at a bowling alley, diner or train station...Adjey's your man!

                    As for the question...any real restaurant with a real chef, can be found making the rounds in his dining room. If your really curious to meet the chef, just ask for him to come out, or to have a tour of the kitchen.

                  2. chef at Ikaros often comes out and speaks with guests. As does Matteo at Mitsura.

                    1. Jaimie Kennedy has spoken to us at the Wine Bar and was very pleasant when greeting my (then) 10 year old, who was very impressed with both meeting the chef/owner and watching her food get prepared at the cooking bar.

                      1. Jamie Kennedy is certainly a engaging personality. I was also impressed with Ikaros. good spot in midtown

                        1. The Chef/Owner at Ikaros Authentic Greek Cuisine on Yonge comes out to meet the patrons. It is certainly a nice touch and a refreshing change