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Nov 30, 2006 05:06 PM

Eating Well magazine

I am trying to find a good magazine subscription for my wife. She is a good cook and we trave a lot, so we love ethnic food. She likes articles and recipes, but doesn't want anything tedious. She already gets Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Cook's Illustrated, and Food & Wine. She likes good writing. What are your thoughts on obscure newsletters, Eating Well, and other publications?

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  1. We discussed this in an earlier thread:

    I have subscribed to all of the above mentioned, as well as Saveur and a couple of others, and my hands-down favorite is Fine Cooking. There's some consensus of this in the above thread. One person said it was more for beginning cooks, but I respectfully disagree. I've been cooking all kinds of food for over 16 years and I still always find great info in Fine Cooking and it inspires me to cook and try new things with every issue I get.

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      Sorry.. I saw that thread and failed to point out that she already gets Fine Cooking and really likes it. I was hoping to find out about some less common publications, such as Art of Eating or The Curmudgeon.

    2. I enjoy Eating Well very much. I read it more for its articles than for the recipes.

      1. For obscure, interesting writing (but few recipes), try Gastronomica.

        1. I love Eating Well magazine. If you wife is looking for some recipes that tend towards the healthier side, Eating Well has great recipes that satisfy even my meat and potatoes boyfriend. You can search their website to see some examples. Of course I balance Eating Well out with my Cook's Illustrated subscription!

          1. If you enjoy recipes that feature fresh produce and celebrate say the avocado, bananas, lemons as a headliner in issue then Eating Well is a great choice.

            We have enjoyed the mag for several years. The web vers. is also good.