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Nov 30, 2006 04:46 PM

Good food in Marin?

I left S.F. 4 years ago for the woods of Marin and love it but continually find myself back in S.F. for dinners when I want to enjoy good food in an environment with a fun vibe at a price that feels justified (with the one exception of Taco Joe's in Mill Valley). I find the Marin restaurants stuffy and overpriced with uneventful food. Are there people out there who have found some gems?

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  1. I highly recommend Insalata's in San Anselmo,

    Their pot roast, usually a special, is worth calling about. It reminds me of the cult-quality short ribs at Tra Vigne.

    1. I like Lotus for Indian in San Rafael.

      1. I love the food at Picco Pizza; I eat there just about everytime I'm in Marin.

        The Bunrabs are the best source I know of for info on the Marin restaurant scene

        1. a couple of great little mexican places whose name I dont know and who cater primarily to hispanic workers in marin...

          taqueria next to subway and across from aron brothers in the mall lot near belam and alexander....

          Their ceviche tostadas....great...

          also small mexican restuarant behind staples and compusa for menudo... Definitely special Marin food....

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            That's La Familia (if I spelled it correctly) in the Bellam shopping center. Yes, those ceviche tostadas are great. Not a huge, expensive production, but a smaller simple great item for $2.??. Their standard soft tacos with a selection of meats are also very good (skip the shrimp or prawn one). They also have a place in San Anselmo on the "Miracle Mile" (extension of 3rd and 4th St. in San Rafael) just before the "hub". Taquerias at their best.

          2. Don't forget Las Camillias for a sit down Mexican meal and the neighboring Puerto Rican places on Lincoln in San Rafael. I will go out of my way for Small Sheds Flatbread in Mill Valley and the Punjabi burrito place. I also ove Picco Pizza and Lotus. My favorite Thai place Royal Thai. I am still searching for a decent Chinese Place.

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            1. re: Sharon S.

              I second Royal Thai. Love that place.