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Nov 30, 2006 04:36 PM

indian in north hollywood/sherman oaks

Any good recs for takeout indian in the north hollywood area? i've seen posts for clay oven, but is that more a eat-in place?

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  1. The only place that I liked in N. Hollywood, Medina Market & Indian Fast Food Restaurant (NoHo Tandoori) closed a while back. What happened to them?

    1. Clay Oven or Typhoon in Sherman oaks

      Don't know North Hollywood.

      1. I really like Great India Cafe on Ventura Bl. two blocks east of Whitsett. Excellent Chicken Tikka Masala, tandori and a good selection of vegie dishes They do take out.

        Also, Gangadin on Ventura Place and Laurel Cyn. in Studio City has been in business a while and is also pretty good.

        I've also heard good things about Bollywood on Ventura just west of Vineland but have not been there yet.

        1. If Great India Cafe is the one in the mini-mall with the 7-11 (next to the McDonalds), then go there. It was recommended to me by one of my Indian friends as it is the only restaurant his grandmother will eat at. Doesn't disappoint and the service is great, eat in, take out or delivery(call for times).

          1. I like Bollywood (on Ventura a block and a half west of Vineland) quite a lot... Passage to India, on Hazeltine and Burbank, is OK. We go because it's close, not because it's great.