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Nov 30, 2006 04:16 PM

The Counter Burger Toppings - who is ordering this stuff?

I first have to say that I have never been there, since I live in NYC. But I have heard a lot about them and took a look at their menu on their website. Not that I am a burger purist, but I was flabbergasted. Black Olives, Scallions, Carrot Strings, Grilled Pineapple - are they kidding? No way do any of those items or a bunch of others on the menu belong on any burger, not to mention their ridiculous sauces. I like the idea of a build your own burger, something we don't have in NYC, but I think what actually works on a burger is more limited. Am I crazy or is this menu as silly as it sounds?

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  1. Hey, it's build your own! I've been a couple of times and also prefer simple burger adornments and that is what they deliver. It's not my favorite burger place in LA but it is pretty good because they do offer it your way, so to speak! If memory serves, 3 meat patty sizes plus bird meat and eek/yuk a vegi patty for those that go to a burger joint to eat such abominations. Many people on this board and elsewhere say that the best burger in LA is at a place near The Counter called Father's Office where the wait is long, in a crowed bar where there is only one way to get their burger - their way!

    1. NYC suggestions: Try The Sunburnt Cow -- you can get a burger with beet, pineapple, bacon and a fried egg on top.

      Counter suggestions: just order what sounds good to you.

      I, for example, have seen pineapple on burgers offered many places, though i don't want it -- but I would certinaly try scallions and black olives.

      Look a great burger is no doubt best without too much adornment - but second best is interesting adornment, and best of all in life is variety combined with choice.

      1. You've never had a teriyaki burger? Did you just get here or what? Oops, I just realized--I guess you've never been here. It's an LA thing, just leave it at that...

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