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Nov 30, 2006 04:07 PM

Daily Bruin article on female chefs

Saw this in today's Daily Bruin (the UCLA school paper) and thought some would find it interesting ...

She's seen it all.

Restaurateur and chef Suzanne Goin encountered the refrigerator that "stank like bloody hell" in a restaurant kitchen in southwest France.

"So this is where they keep the dead bodies," she joked to herself, wondering what the contents were.

The restaurant sat next to a river, and the menu featured "this from the river" and "that from the river," Goin said. But every morning, someone would drive across the border to Spain and restock it from a discount fish market.

Goin realized soon enough that the smelly fridge was not a morgue, but actually the official fish drawer from which they served unsuspecting customers every day ...

(can't print the whole article - copyright rule ... that's just a sample ...)

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  1. The full article is pretty interesting, Paul. Thanks for posting.

    I wonder if serving poor quality foods is a primary reason so many American restaurants open and close so quickly?