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Where to buy duck fat

Hi, I want to make a lot of duck confit and have it gnaw on during the winter. Therefore I need a decent amount of duck fat. Any ideas where to buy, or order a small bucket of duck fat. The 7 oz. d'artangnan duck fat will cost me so much, that I might as well just buy their duck confit.

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  1. You could see if you can find Goose Fat - comes in much larger tins and is cheaper than duck fat - don't have a Boston rec. for you though.

    1. i just bought a quart of it at whole foods on cambridge street. it was in the frozen section. I would call first and if they don't have it, i am sure they can bring it in from the commisary.

      if you're in a pinch, you can always make confit with a non-flavored oil like canola or veg. not ideal, but the rub should flavor it enough.

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      1. Savenor's usually has plenty. It's a great stop.

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          Older thread, but I just had a similar need - Mayflower Poultry can order it... but its by the case, so you'd better need or be able to use a good amount of it or have some friends you can divvy it up with..

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            Try www.schiltzfoods.com for goose legs and fat (2 # tub is about $5 + shipping). I bought some legs and a tub for confit, which is nestled in the back of my fridge. It does keep pretty well, and is sooo lovely for roast potatoes.

        2. John Dewar's in Newton Center

          1. Lionette's on Tremont st always has it

            1. Last time I was looking, the only place that carried any was the Butcher Shop in the South End.

              1. Just to update any North of Boston folks, butcher boy in north andover carries both duck (frozen) and rendered duck fat.