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Need Advice for Solo Dining in Midtown - East

I'll be arriving in NYC around 7 on Sunday night. Staying at the Hyatt Grand by Grand Central. Any good places in the area where I can go alone and eat at the bar? I'm interested in steak or seafood. Price not really an issue. Thanks so much.

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  1. Though is not my favorite steak-house (it is good, though), you could go to Micheal Jordan's in Grand Central. You can eat at the bar, or even better, take one of the small tables in the front section, and eat while overlooking the mezmorizing choas below.

    1. You can also the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. A great place to eat alone at the bar. I cannot comment on the food as I usually just go for soup. (Their soups are really yummy).

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        Definitely go and sit at the oyster bar, NOT at the lunch counters. A great place to eat on your own.

      2. This might help if you want to stay near GCT. Rollover the restaurant names to get more info (look directly beneath where it says Fine Restaurants & Lounges). http://www.grandcentralterminal.com/p...

        1. Capital Grille is right there. It's a mini chain and not the favorite of many, but the bar is nice and the food is reliable steakhouse fare.

          1. I really like Shaburi. It is on 39th between Park and Lexington. I go there for Sashimi alot, but I also have eaten alot of their other food. I especially recommend their miso glazed sea bass. I often eat lunch there by myself. I usually sit at the bar and chat with the manager or bartender at lunch.

            1. You'd be made very welcome at Pietro's, a superb steak house with lots of booths and a lively atmosphere...I've often gone there with a book, as I have to Ben Benson's, but that's on the wrong side of town for you.

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                i've been wanting to try Pietro's for a while...can you eat at the bar there? (is there a bar?)...

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                  Yes there is a bar and they have an amazing selection of scotches. Not sure if you can eat at the actual bar, it's usually used for people waiting to be seated, however the small room the bar is in has a few tables in it. I actually ate there once. usually in the back though

              2. What about Spark's...there aren't many better steaks.