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Nov 30, 2006 03:14 PM

specialty food sources for Bellingham area

We plan to be moving to the Bellingham area (somewhere in Whatcom county or even upper Skagit) in the Spring and would love some recommendations so we can keep our kitchen (and our pantry) supplied:

Best wine sources
Italian Delis (for prociutto, Reggiano Parmigiano, pancetta, etc.)
Middle Eastern food
Kitchen supplies


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. OH, I think people just weren't looking. Bellingham is very nice but gets very cold in the winter - be prepared. This website is for the Fairhaven neighborhood in Bellingham and is a head start for the many nice things there in general: and here's a site where you can hone in on foodiness: - click on the link for "Speciality Foods." There are some very tasty opportunities there.

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        Thank you rcallner! This is very helpful.

      2. You're welcome, Toadgirl. What part of the country are you coming from?

        1. Well, sigh, shuffle, shuffle. Hmmmm.
          OK, OK. I'm from Los Angeles. Please don't hate me!!! We don't own, we rent, so we aren't moving up North to drive up your real estate prices. We don't drive fancy cars. We only use our cell phones to call the Auto Club when we're stuck in the mud in a flood situation (true story). My husband is originally from Ohio. And my father was from Montreal and my mother's family farmed in North Dakota.

          I'm just going on like this because a few weeks ago when we were up in Bellingham, a new friend advised us to LIE about where we're from, at least for the first year. And, after a day of looking at your posting, I just couldn't do it.

          1. Hm, hard to think of many places much more different from Bellingham than LA....Foodies get special dispensation from other foodies and don't even have to hear phrases like "Californication" or anything, so you're safe here, at least. You might want to lay low with the identity for others when you're in the Pac NW, though. I was asking for a food-related reason, though - the seafood and shellfish in particular in Whatcom County is spectacular, so much better than LA and other parts of the country and you must take advantage of that. Also, Whatcom County is home to people who do local, organic, artesian gardening and livestock raising, so you're in for a big change of pace and quite a treat. And the Rhododendron Cafe at the end of Chuckanut Drive is like a dream of what a country cafe could be, if things were as they should be.