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Casual Lunch on Saturday

I will soon be making my yearly trip to Toronto soon to do some shopping.

I will be coming in by train on a Saturday (around 11 am)and will be staying near Union Station. I need a place for lunch, preferably informal and casual since I have plans for that evening. I don't want to go to Shopsy's or Le Marche. Walking distance from the Royal York, please (for me that's 2k).

Many thanks!

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    1. I like Beerbistro too. I think that's slightly more than 2k though. Also, Irish Embassy, Yonge just north of wellington, east side. There's also the Bottom Line. Right at Front, west of Yonge.

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        Beerbistro is about 400m (.4k) from Royal York.

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          what's the food at Bottomline like? I have been by there, literally thousands of times, and never gone in

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            Bottom Line is standard pub food, not fab, but decent if you are in the area.
            I would choose Irish Embassy over Bottom Line though.

        2. Beerbistro is a great suggestion. JK Wine Bar is also close by and great.

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            I agree that JK Wine Bar is great, but would you classify it as "informal and casual"?

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              I think it's pretty informal for lunch -- different vibe than at dinner. And Beerbistro is certainly less than 2 kilometers from the Royal York -- it's King and Yonge.

          2. Why don't you try Terroni on Victoria south of Queen. Great Ciccio sandwiches, nice atmosphere.

            1. Beerbistro it is! I took a look at the website and it's just the thing I was looking for. I worked in this area years ago so I know exactly where it is.
              Thanks so much.

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                Unfortunately, BeerBistro isn't open for lunch on Saturdays - they don't open till 4pm.

              2. queen mother?

                walk up uni to queen, over 2 blocks

                1. The Queen Mother is ok, but not more, in my opinion. I second Terroni on Victoria. Good food. Or, alternatively, what about PJ O'Brien for good pub fare?

                  1. How about Great Cooks on 8 which is at the 8th floor of the Hudson's Bay store. Nice view of city hall and you are still in the middle of shopping. Casual but nice and modern decor with great sandwiches, etc. Their website is horrible but the food is excellent and they also have an amazing tea menu. I would call first to make sure they are still doing lunch on Sat. 416-861-4333

                    A review from Toronto Life is here:


                    1. Why not just head to St. Lawrence Market and taste a bit of stuff here and there like veal sandwiches, chicken schnitzel, and great desserts. All can be found in the basement of St. Lawrence Market. You can even buy some unique Canadian caviar and honey and jams down there. Or if you are up for walking to King St., go to Le Petite Dejeuner for brunch. Although guaranteed a line-up there.

                      Mustacio's - veal sandwich
                      Caviar Direct - fish eggs and other goodies
                      Dina's Deli - chicken schnitzel