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Nov 30, 2006 02:53 PM

Sitram Cookware?

After all this talk about pots and pans lately, I was curious if anyone has experience with Sitram cookware. They look awesome, and are cheaper than All-Clad. I was looking at their catering line which has a copper sandwich bottom completely enclosed by stainless so it's dishwasher safe. Not too shabby!

Also, has anyone tried the Cybernox line?

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  1. Here's a link to a recent thread - - there are others as well.

    I've used Sitram for years and love it - never tried All Clad after Mr. Bridge of Bridge Kitchenware told me as a young cook inquiring as to whether he carried All Clad "Madam, we do not carry junk." He was always very opinionated!

    I use the catering line.

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      1. re: HaagenDazs

        I have to say ... I've never put mine in the dishwasher ... mostly because I don't have enough room.

        1. re: MMRuth

          The prices compared to Demeyere are great.

    1. Fred Bridge was one-of-a-kind! Cranky as hell but I miss him. And, btw, IME he was usually right...

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      1. re: fauchon

        Yep ... he was great ... and I appreciated that fact that he was opinionated ... made choosing what to get a lot easier.

        For the OP - Bridge has a website - and often has good sales on Sitram.

        1. re: fauchon

          This brings back serious memories. I bought my first piece of Sitram from Fred Bridge in about 1968, when he was still down on 3rd Ave. at 32nd I think it was. It was a pressure cooker and I still use it occasionally--it was even cheap, which is often not something you can say about Bridge prices, but his stuff always was the best. I hope his kids are still following his philosophy. His crusty surface was only part of his act. His was one of the stores in NYC where I was well enough known (the others were all wine shops) that I could walk in any time and cash a personal check--this was before ATM's. And my checks were written on a bank in Indiana--those were the days. But I digress.

          Sitram is awfully good stuff. I have a piece or two of All-clad, but as Fred would have said, it isn't profesional. The bodies are semi-OK, but the handles are terrible--too small-- can never grip it well enough to flip anything by shaking the pan--you always have to use a spatula, which wouldn't fly in many commercial kitchens I don't believe. I'm don't think it even has an NSF label. Most Sitram does. But these days I find good and really cheap Winco stuff at Restaurant Depot. Works fine for me.

          1. re: johnb

            I was in Bridge recently, and I believe it was his son, wasn't as hot on Sitram... more having to do with supply-chain/support issues..

            1. re: grant.cook

              How is the location out in NJ? Haven't been since they moved.

            2. re: johnb

              Sitram & NSF


              Cannot find anything for all-clad, all clad, allclad ot clad metals. I may not have the company name right. (as opposed to a product name)

          2. As if people didn't know by now that I am a rabid All-Clad hater (Ripoff!) and a big booster for Sitram (and Paderno and Demeyere and...). Anyway, for MMRuth and co, Chef's Catalog has some Sitram Catering on sale right now. (Regular Sitram fans know this stuff hardly ever goes on sale.) Not just sets, but individual pieces too. And a bonus is that some of the individual pieces include the lid (read the description carefully), making for a bigger bargain. Usually lids must be purchased separately. Check it out.

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            1. re: Pupster

              Wow - if I was in the market right this second, I'd buy that 10 piece set. Perfect.

              1. re: Pupster

                If it was induction-compatible, I'd buy the set too, that's a great price..

                1. re: Pupster

                  wish I had read this post about 6 years ago. I finally saw the light.

                2. I recently got an 11-piece set of Sitram Profisserie from plus some lids and other-size saucepans from Bridge. I bought Sitram after reading all the threads about All-Clad vs. Sitram. I love the Sitram! Very high quality, and I do put it all in the dishwasher.

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