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Blue Velvet Restaurant - Downtown LA

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This time I did do a search and didn't see anything already on the site . . . . but have another new restaurant I am curious about. Saw a feature on T.V. about this restaurant, Blue Velvet, in the Loft building downtown. Anyone been? Chef is a former Patina chef, I think. On T.V. the food looked good! And they had what sounded like interesting drinks at the bar with great decor (modern, simple). Thanks!!

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  1. I"m making a reservation. Will let you know....

    1. Interesting. Blue Velvet was today's writeup from dailycandy.com L.A. edition.


      1. A friend of mine, who's quite a foodie, went last weekend and raved about it. I'll try to get the specifics of what they had, and report back.

        1. here's another neat article at whole life times:


          1. Thanks!!! Looking forward to trying it out with all this good press. If anyone else has comments . . . always glad to hear what others think.

            1. How about prices, y'all, for the students out here? :)

              1. Went there last week. The friend who took me there said he was told to be prepared for a variety of flavors you wouldn't expect together. No truer words were spoken. The food was delicious. The corn corn agnolotti with chanterelle mushrooms, lime brown butter, and hazelnuts was delicate, rich and amazing. The crispy sea bass was tasty, but I wasn't blown away. My friend's seared foie gras appetizer and venison entree were really good. The venison was tender and not gamey. I liked the industrial atmosphere. Though I rarely tell people to check out the bathroom, it's worth it for kicks. Go to the large unisex one connected to the front lounge. The one thing I didn't get was the Vegas style waitress micromini uniforms. Although the service was wonderful, I thought their outfits were a little tacky. Overall, it's a good place to go to, if you want to have a nice dinner downtown.

                1. Forgot one more thing. It was pricey. I think the entrees were $25-40-ish. I didn't pay, so I don't recall the overall price. Sorry.

                  1. SO and I tried Blue Velvet on Saturday night, and were very favorably impressed! We started with a tasty amuse bouche, then the fried yogurt (which I didn't think was as great as others have written), but then our entrees (monkfish and vension) really blew us away! The vension in particular was just fabulous! It was quite strongly flavored, and some might think too salty, but I thought it was really extraordinary. And we finished with the beet cake, which was also top-notch and very unusual.

                    Prices were commeasurate with similar Hollywood and Westside restaurants, which means that it's a fairly expensive treat, but certainly not special occasions only.

                    As others have noted, the restaurant's location is odd, but it more than makes up for it with the view and decor. The interior is very stylish and comfortable, but not pretentious. We were seated in the middle dining room (adjacent to the bar), which was very pleasant, but SO and I both thought it would be really fun to come back with a larger group to sit at the sunken granite table in the lounge. I wonder if they take reservations for that table?

                    On a related note - I called ahead before we went to see if I needed a reservation and was told that I did, but, as others have also experienced, when we showed up at 8:30 the restaurant was half-empty. Throughout our meal it filled up a little more, but it was definitely not crowded. Sometimes a less-than-full restaurant feels uncomfortable, but I have to say, I thought it was very refreshing to be able to go to a stylish restaurant with good food on a Saturday night without having to wrestle our way in the door or make a reservation three months in advance (hint, hint: AOC).

                    There was something very likable about Blue Velvet - I would really like to see it succeed! I definitely recommend it for pre- or post-theater or Staples, or just as a nice change from the Westside or Hollywood. We'll definitely be back!

                    1. $35-corkage says it all? Passarama

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                        Didn't know about that - it does seem wrong. Also would suggest that they add by-the-glass to their wine menu as the waitress didn't seem to really know what she was talking about when she described them to us - how hard could it be to write it down? But we're not big drinkers or oenephiles, so it's not a dealbreaker for us...

                      2. We went for drinks and appetizers in the bar last week. LOVED IT. (I was expecting to love it, after reading the chef's credentials in the LA Times review, and they didn't disappoint.) The setting is quite nice/modern without being overdone. The adjacent pool area makes for a potentially amusing view. We are planning a dinner party there later in the year and staff seems easy to work with. Prices do feel a tad steep but nothing off compared to Westside and even other good downtown dining. Regarding other reader comments about wine: They do have some good wines by the glass--at least in the bar--and if you byob it's $20 corkage (not $35) according to their web site at www.bluevelvetrestaurant.com. Personally I'm offended by any corkage over $12, so $20 is still not so hot. But I guess they can't all be La Buca. (R-I-P La Buca free corkage....)

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                          I'm glad to hear they re-thought their original $35- corkage charge.
                          That was the amount I was quoted when I called on the phone to make a reservation.

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                            Beautiful space and use of materials. Great environment. Most of the food was uninspired. Sweetbreads were ill-prepared, two tiny thin "slices" on a plate with shiitakes - couldn't tell which was which by appearance or flavor. Good wine list, unknowledgeable waiter. Waiter and "sommelier" were too busy fawning and taking photos with the hotties at another table to provide service to real people. Oh - did I mention there were four tables filled at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night? Don't go, except for the lounge scene.

                        2. Great food here. I had the pork tenderloin, others at the table had the free range chicken and the halibut. Each amazing. The sauces and flavors as someone mentions above come together in an unexpected but pleasant way.

                          I had the White Chocolate Mousse for dessert. The Lemon curd with the bits of candied pistachios on the side were AMAZING.

                          No complaints about the service either. It was fairly early after work and not busy; everyone was attentive to our needs. The proprietor even came by and asked me if I would like a beer, which I took him up on. Our waitress was pleasant without being cloying and knowledgeable about everything on the menu.