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Nov 30, 2006 02:31 PM

Vidalia, Komi, or Restaurant Kolumbia

Hi all

I live in Ashburn and don't get to DC nearly as often as I used to. I am meeting a friend who is coming into town this afternoon. She will be at the University Club near 16th and M. I think we are going to try one of the above. which would be your top choice?


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    1. I'm not sure 1) how old you two are, or 2) how hip you want the place to be, but:

      Of the three you mentioned, Komi is the best choice. If you can get a reservation, it is small and very, very hot right now.

      Another choice would be Corduroy in the Four Points at 12th and K, it is a great restaurant, wonderful food and a great wine list. Reasonably priced, and not your usual hotel restaurant (it is not owned by the hotel) and has very much the same type of food as the ones you listed. One of my absolute favorites.

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      1. thank you!

        I agree, I love Corduroy. I haven't been to the three above and I'd like to try one.

        we are both 40. (but young hip and single 40!) (despite living in Ashburn!) (really!)

        1. of the three, which ones could we get away WITHOUT making a reservation?

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          1. re: flygirl

            Restaurant Kolumbia will probably be the easiest without reservations. Vidalia second. Those 2 are in pretty close walking distance of each other--- so you could try RK and if they turn you away take a shot at Vidalia.

          2. I'm from DC but not currently living there. While visiting last month, I also wanted to check out the new, hottest places. We got a reservation at Komi (agreed, a must) and thought the food was excellent, but found it all just a little precious. Not on your list, but very good and definitely hot - Rasika. Good luck and have a great meal, where ever you go.