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Nov 30, 2006 02:01 PM

Pink and White Mexican Candy need name please!!!

Hi Hounds,

I need the name of a very sweet Mexican candy that is white and pink. I'm working with a friend to recreate her mom's Christmas Tamale recipie and these candies are used as an ingreadient. I'm sure if we can find the name we cand find the candy for sale on the internet.

Thank you!

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  1. is it an old traditional candy or a newer, branded candy? I'll look at our local Mexican market for something "pink & white"--any more description? shape? size? packaging? sold individually or in a bag?

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    1. re: toodie jane

      Thank you, It's a traditional candy sold in a bag. I'll have to check with my friend to confirm the shape. She said her parents loved them, but it was always too sweet for her. But, her mother used them in the filling of her Christmas tamales and we are trying to recreate the tamales for Christmas this year.

      1. re: DowntownHound

        must be sweet tamales....I'll ask the fellows at work if they know of any candy being used in tamales, & what kind....won't be till monday. But I'll look at the carniceria tomorrow for 'pink & white'. sure has my 'dectective' radar interested.

        1. re: toodie jane

          Thank you toodie jane,

          Yes, they are sweet tamales for Christmas. I appreaciate you doing this. My friend is from Los Angeles so this is a candy that would have been in the Mexican Markets in the 50's and sixties. Does this sound familiar to any of the other Southern California Hounds?

          1. re: DowntownHound

            sorry DTH-but have continued to look and not find any bagged pink and white candies. Nor did the prep cooks at work know of candies in tamales(now they KNOW I'm just a crazy gringa)

            I did come across these on an English candy site, looking for a 'pink & white' from my own childhhod. They are coconut flavored.


            did you have any sucess last year?

    2. The name of the candy you were looking for three years ago is called Alfajor. Make sure you ask for Mexican Alfajor at the store (pink and white, made of coconut and sugar) because there is also Alfajor from Argentina, which is a totally different candy.