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I know this has been asked before, but I have a feeling a bunch of the places I found in my search on here are no longer around. I'm wondering what my options are for delicious savory crepes in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area. I recently visited SF, and for those of you who know of it, I'd love to find a place like Ti Couz with their wonderful crepes [buckwheat, I think?]. Any and all advice appreciated.

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  1. That's a great place! I like La Creperie (formerly One Arrow Street Crepes) between Harvard and Central, but the fillings are better than the crepes themselves. The merguez is my favorite. I've heard about a new place opening up in Davis, Mr. Crepe, but unlike SF, Boston is pretty thin on crepe options.

    1. "pretty thin on crepe options" -- please, please tell me pun intended...

      Man, I miss Le Gamin. Mr. Crepe will certainly be a welcome re-addition to Davis Square. In the meantime, two options come to mind:

      1) I-Cafe (Teele Square) - very good crepe batter with hints of orange and vanilla. Limited menu of sweet and savory crepes, but good quality fillings. Be forewarned: no Nutella, no lemon and sugar. Big selling points are the funky bohemian basement atmosphere and free wireless Internet.

      2) Paris Creperie (Charles MGH) - this place has underwhelmed me with their attempts at creative crepe innovation, but stick to the basics (all the classics are on-hand here) and you'll be ok.

      I can't really wax ecstatic about either of these. I-Cafe could really use more options, especially those all-important classics. Paris Creperie feels a little plasticky, and I've never left 100% satisfied. But neither deserves to be completely panned either. (sorry, couldn't resist)

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        The original Paris Creperie is in Coolidge Corner on Harvard Ave - I have found that the crepes made there are superior to those they make at the MGH location. Not sure why that is, but there you go. They also make an amazing hot chocolate with hints of Nutella...yummmm

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          Second for the CC Paris Creperie. I'm a big fan of their savory crepes. They also have decent smoothies, which is an odd but surprisingly effective complement!

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            i don't get this place. the few times i have been the joint was filthy and the crepes were like eating hot brown paper bags.

        2. Bon Savor in JP serves Russian-style crepes.

          1. I've seen (but never tasted) buckwheat crepes at Cafenation in Brighton Center...

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              I didn't have buckwheat at Cafenation but my banana/choc one was quite tasty. Wasn't thrilled with my one time at the crepe place on Park Dr/Audobon Circle. They reheated a crepe that was already made, that's not right.

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                I want to try the crepes here. I have ordered coffees from this place a bunch of times when doing errands in Brighton Center. It always smells delicious, but the counter service is pretty poor...not great manners, chatting amongst themselves while taking your order. Just things that are generally annoying. Still, would it be worth missing out on great crepes in my neighborhood? probably not.

                I LOVE Paris Creperie in Coolidge Corner! In addition to EXCELLENT crepes, they have great chai.

              2. Mr. Crepe was a decent place to go when it was in Davis but then Dave's pasta took over the space for it's sandwich shop. Do you know where the new location is supposed to be? I used ot love the brie,apple and grape crepe:) Yum.

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                  Next to the Somerville Theater in what used to be the Someday Cafe

                2. My vote is for Cafenation in Brighton. I go there usually just for coffee and to study, but when I get food my favorite is the pesto chicken crepe or, if I want sweet, I do a chocolate strawberry one. The savory crepes are made with a buckwheat flour and the dessert ones with a pastry flour. Also have grilled sandwiches and salads too.

                  1. Gotta say that I was not very impressed by La Creperie (mentioned above, on Mass Ave a few blocks east(ish) of Harvard Square). The service was unbelievably slow and the crepes were just "eh". Also, they featured highly mediocre strawberries in a crepe in which strawberries were the main filling ingredient.

                    1. Have not tried the Brookline location, but the Paris Creperie near Charles/MGH (which should be called the craperie) is truly horrible. I live right nearby, and would every once in a while go in and have another barely passable crepe in hopes that they would have their act together for the next time. It never happened, and I have now stopped going since they served me rotting food and tried to convince me that the reason the vegetables were brown, slimy and rancid was 'oxidation'. The low quality food combined with the rudeness of the staff there makes me with the place goes under soon (though there always seem to be tourists and college kids there).

                      La Creperie in Harv Sq is not bad. The staff can be a bit surly if you treat them like your servants, as many of the patrons seem to. In all my experiences, though, the food has been good and the folks working there have been friendly.

                      1. any crepes or fondue north of boston?? I know theres a crepe stand in the north shore mall but i am guessing that isn't worth even mentioning, unless someone here says otherwise..

                        1. There's also "Crispy Crepes Cafe", 512 Park Ave. in Boston. I've only been there once, when I had a sweet crepe. No ambiance to speak of, but a nice crepe. Probably worth stopping by if a craving strikes while you're in the Fenway/BU area.