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Nov 30, 2006 01:55 PM

Brooklyn - need preserved lemons asap

Any sources for preserved lemons in brooklyn? Last time I was in Sahadi's they did not have any. No time to travel to other boroughs, unfortunately.

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  1. Check with Divine Taste in Park Slope. I thought I saw something at their olive bar that resembled them.

    1. Gee, and I was all ready to recommend Sahadi. Did you try Oriental and the other grocery across from Sahadi? How about Fairway?

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      1. re: Steve R

        Yes, try Oriental -- I've gotten them there many times when Sahadi was out.

      2. Sahadi's has them canned. But whether they have them fresh or not is hit or miss. Fairway has jarred ones, too, Mustapha's brand.

        Occasionally Pacific Green has them, but its much rarer than Sahadi's. Oriental or Malco Karkanni may have them as well, give 'em a call at 718.875.7687 and 718.834.0845, respectively.

        1. Blue apron has them , I think I saw them there.. call them.. or what about Fairway?
          what about some of the other middle east groceries in the area?

          1. I looked at sahadi's too, having been told taht they had a few variaties...but I think they are a different kind of preserved lemons from the moroccan ones used in tajines...they were small, thin skinned and whole, in a can.