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Tia Pol First Date

Going to Tia Pol tonight for a first date. Anyone have any recommendations? Do you think we'll have a wait for 2 on a Thursday at 7:30?

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  1. what a great place for a first date!

    You have to get the fried chickpeas (unhealthy but sooo good!)

    1. It's a good, casual (imho) yet food-refined place for a date. Just be aware that seats are tall bar stools with no backrests.

      The chorizo-and-chocolate-on-bread is always a staple for us. Their specials are almost always a positive.

      If you are not familiar with Spanish wines, then go with the suggestions by your wait staff. Since we order different kinds of tapas, we usually go with their decent by-the-glass selections in order to try and match up our dishes.

      1. The patatas bravas are excellent and, in my estimation, superior to those at Boqueria, which I tried earlier this week.

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          thanks for the recs! It was my pick :) Anyone want to chime in on my question about the wait tonight? Do they have any decent whites? Maybe an Albarino? He is allergic to red wine, sadly.

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            Their wine list is superb- the owner opened up NYC's first all-Spanish wine shop in the East Village because patrons (like myself) kept asking them where to purchase the wines they drank with their meals. There wasn't anywhere, or at least any one place. Don't miss out on their amazing selection of sherry and fino sherry- the La Cigarrera and La Gitana are both superlative and go perfectly with the food.

            Tinto Fino
            85 First Avenue (Fifth Street)
            (212) 254-0850

            Back to Tia Pol. It's tiny and popular and doesn't take reservations for two. Your wait at 7:30, prime-time, will probably be at least 45 minutes (but is well worth it, though maybe not on a first date). Off-hours, eating at the bar, or bringing 4-6 of your friends and making reservations are the key.

        2. I think it's a great idea for a first date. Sharing food is always sexy!

          1. Perfect first date choice! get the patatas bravas, chorizo in sherry, great little pork sandwiches! and the squid in ink rice is delicious too!...
            if you like tia pol, try casa mono also

            1. You will probably have to wait but not more than 45 minutes or so. You can usually grab a glass of wine while you hang out and wait for the table. Enjoy!


              1. On a thursday at around that time I've had to wait as much as an hour. It's worth it as long as your date is game, but be aware that the wait can be cramped since the bar stools are usually reserved for eaters so you'll have to stand behind them.

                1. Went last night around 7:30, we were told the wait was an hour and we probably waited about an hour, ate at the bar. Patatas bravas, mushroom carpaccio (special), and suckling pig (special) were all very good.

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                    Thanks for reporting back! Sounds like you enjoyed the food. Hope the date went equally well.

                  2. Nope actually that's someone else who went! Unfortunately Tia Pol didn't work out for Thursday night. The wait was going to be an hour and it was too crowded at the bar to even get a drink while we waited. We ended up walking down the street and having dinner at the Park which was OK. Date was solid in any case. Next time!