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Best bakery in KC?

Has anyone tried the new French bakery in Overland Park? I seem to remember seeing something in the paper on it and can't remember where it is or what it's called. I believe it's owned by a husband/wife duo.

I used to go to the French bakery Café Apanaire in Waldo which was built and run by a wonderful French baker about 4 years ago. I went in there some months ago to find it bought out by a Russian family (?). The menu had changed and I don't think the bread was as good. I'm looking for baquettes of the same quality you get in France and breakfast yummies like pain au chocolat.

Also - any good recs on Challah bread? I usually go to Dean & Deluca. Any others? Thanks!

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  1. I've heard really good things about Artisan Francais (the OP bakery you are referring to), but have not been yet. Apparently, you have to get there early, and, well, let's just say that's not my forte! ;-) It's at 6759 W 119th St., Overland Park, KS 66209. I've heard their pain au chocolat are extremely good. Here's the website: http://www.artisanfrancais.com/

    As for challah, you'll have to come to my house! ;-) My favorite sandwich shop in Manhattan, KS, that has now closed, used to have a sign up that said "Every Friday is a challah-day!" Loved that!

    1. - my wife had lunch at Artisan Francais and thought it was very good. It came on the recommendation of a transplanted Frenchy that lives in our neighborhood. She claims it is the best french bakery in KC in sometime.

      1. Great - thanks! I'll go check it out this weekend.

        1. Wheatfields bakery has excellent challah on Fridays, I believe. 785.841.5553 ETA, it's in Lawrence, and worth the trip, but again, best selection is early in the day. They will hold orders, however.

          1. How can anyone complain about Johnson Cty eateries when there is such bread to be had! Got the pain au chocolat and a baguette - just like I remember. It was perfect!

            1. I miss the old owners of Café Apanaire as well! I am still a sucker for the bread at Andres on 51st and Main.

              1. i feel the best bakery in KC is Fevere, on 17th and summit, right next to the blue bird bistro. it's only open thurs-sat, and they stay open until the bread is gone. it goes fast.

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                  Fervere will save loaves for you if you call and leave them a message. Only once in all my years of going there have they goofed on my order. The employees are pleasant and helpful. When fresh, the bread has a silky crumb unlike any other, except maybe Wheatfields', which is a close second, sometimes equal in texture and flavor. I'm sort of glad they stick to the small selection, because they do them so well. For pastry, I like Wheatfields in Lawrence. I was underwhelmed by Artisan Francais, although it's not bad by any means.

                  I'm not sure what they name of the bakery is, but it's next to Kaiyo in the shopping center on the northeast corner of Roe and 119th, around the corner from the Hen House. The owners have an eastern European accent, and she makes wonderfully crusty rye, very hard to find here. It's different from Fervere and Wheatfield's, with a slightly bitter edge that's great with rich foods like cheese or cured meat. Her whole wheat is good, too--makes nice sandwiches.

                  You know, I don't knock Great Harvest, because I think they make a very approachable bread for families who are accustomed to Rainbo and the like. I know, it's overly sweet and gooey, and not for some palates, but it has it's place in the American food scene. Heck, if it gets white mush bread-eating kids to switch, it can't be all bad.

                2. Put my vote in for Artisan Francais. Their bread is very good and the pastries are almost too cute to eat. Alright, I was lying, I hesitated for about a second and then gobbled that pear tart down.
                  Before Artisan Francais opened, I had a hard time finding good baguettes. I remembered walking into Great Harvest in south OP asking the person who was working whether they had any crusty bread. His response, "We have these loaves of white bread that you can leave out on the counter and they'll get hard and crusty."

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                    That's hilarious. Have you been in there lately? I was wondering if you think there is a difference since the ownership changed.

                  2. The Great Harvest incident happened about a year or two ago and I haven't stepped in there since. Whenever we pass by that store, my husband and I refer to it as that "stupid bakery"