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Nov 30, 2006 01:25 PM

It's time for "Where to find the best cassoulet?" question.

The last good one that I had, and that was sometime very early this year, was at Brasserie LCB.

I'm looking for suggestions on any other good place where I can order one of my favorite dish.

Thank you.

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  1. Have you tried Cafe d'Alsace? My husband really enjoyed the Cassoulet there.

    1. Here's a local (Murray Hill) rundown

      Park Bistro - all around solid version.
      Artisanal - fantastic but WAY TOO garlicky. You will need to brush your teeth for about 3 hours before it gets off your breath. If you are a garlic lover (and more importantly, so is the company you keep), than I can't think of a better version.

      Cosette - Okay. Could've been a lot better. It was too watery for my liking, which is too bad, because a better version would see me return (haven't been back since last year) and the cozy space + cassoulet + a cold, snowy day (if we ever get one) would be terrific.

      1. Gascogne specializes in the cuisine of that eponymous region of France where cassoulet is a major dish. No suprise, then, that my husband, the cassoulet addict, gives Gascogne's version two major thumbs up! It's on the menu year round.

        1. L'Absinthe. It's on the menu a few days a week, but not every day, so check.

          1. There is a small bistro on the upper reaches of East Midtown called Cafe Joul - I really like their cassoulet, but I think everyone has different cassoulet preferences.

            Cafe Joul is on 1st avenue between 58th and 59th. Right next to Aja and around the corner from March. I think it is always on their winter menu, but it may have just been a special last time I had it. I don't remember.