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Nov 30, 2006 01:24 PM

Need a appetizer to go with a Beef Bourginon main

Dinner for four on Saturday night

Cheese straws

mixed green salad

beef bourginon

chocolate molten lava cakes

I need another appeztizer to have with drinks.

also do I serve the stew with bread or with noodles?

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  1. What about an antipasti? A nice platter of dried meats such as mortadella, prosciutto, speck, etc, and some slices or even small chunks (for a rustic look) of parmesan and/or provlone, with a few marinated red peppers or olives. It's a beautiful presentation, and so easy if you've got a good Italian store/deli nearby. Serve it with thinly sliced italian bread and the entree over egg noodles. I just did this recently and for 4 people it's very inexpensive because you only need 4 or 5 slices of each meat.

    1. I'd go very light, smoked salmon/capers/pumpernickle rounds.

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        I like the idea of something with seafood rather than meat before the beef. You could make grav lax if you have time.

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          Very light indeed. Cold Smoked salmon with cucumbers and capers, etc. would be perfect, I think.

          1. re: HaagenDazs

            Sometimes I like to serve salmon on cucumber slices - which is lighter than on bread. Another thought - when I'm serving a heavy main course, I prefer to serve hors d'oeuvres as canapes (ie, limited amount) so that my guests don't fill up on a spread of goodies before the actual meal has started.

      2. I too would lean to a cold appetizer. Prosciutto and melon?
        Individual shrimp cocktails (crisp and manageable for a small group like yours)

        1. Go with the light app. The smoked salmon on rye sounds perfect. Noodles with the beef. Julia says make it a day ahead and that boiled potatoes are traditional with the dish but that noodles or rice can substitute for the potatoes.

          1. beef bourgignon is a pretty hearty dish imo, so i would go with a really light app...the idea for prosciutto and melon above is a great idea and very refreshing (and great with prosecco to start). but you could also do a bruschetta, or olive tapenade, or chick pea spread. other ideas are crudite with either a dip or with great olive oil and salt (optional is balsamic as well)
            I woudl serve the beef with the boiled potatoes, but I ALWAYS have bread on the table regardless of what I'm serving, so you could cut up a nice fresh french baguette and put it in a basket in the middle of the table in case anyone wants to dip the bread in the stew! YUM!