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Need a appetizer to go with a Beef Bourginon main

Dinner for four on Saturday night

Cheese straws

mixed green salad

beef bourginon

chocolate molten lava cakes

I need another appeztizer to have with drinks.

also do I serve the stew with bread or with noodles?

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  1. What about an antipasti? A nice platter of dried meats such as mortadella, prosciutto, speck, etc, and some slices or even small chunks (for a rustic look) of parmesan and/or provlone, with a few marinated red peppers or olives. It's a beautiful presentation, and so easy if you've got a good Italian store/deli nearby. Serve it with thinly sliced italian bread and the entree over egg noodles. I just did this recently and for 4 people it's very inexpensive because you only need 4 or 5 slices of each meat.

    1. I'd go very light, smoked salmon/capers/pumpernickle rounds.

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        I like the idea of something with seafood rather than meat before the beef. You could make grav lax if you have time.

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          Very light indeed. Cold Smoked salmon with cucumbers and capers, etc. would be perfect, I think.

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            Sometimes I like to serve salmon on cucumber slices - which is lighter than on bread. Another thought - when I'm serving a heavy main course, I prefer to serve hors d'oeuvres as canapes (ie, limited amount) so that my guests don't fill up on a spread of goodies before the actual meal has started.

      2. I too would lean to a cold appetizer. Prosciutto and melon?
        Individual shrimp cocktails (crisp and manageable for a small group like yours)

        1. Go with the light app. The smoked salmon on rye sounds perfect. Noodles with the beef. Julia says make it a day ahead and that boiled potatoes are traditional with the dish but that noodles or rice can substitute for the potatoes.

          1. beef bourgignon is a pretty hearty dish imo, so i would go with a really light app...the idea for prosciutto and melon above is a great idea and very refreshing (and great with prosecco to start). but you could also do a bruschetta, or olive tapenade, or chick pea spread. other ideas are crudite with either a dip or with great olive oil and salt (optional is balsamic as well)
            I woudl serve the beef with the boiled potatoes, but I ALWAYS have bread on the table regardless of what I'm serving, so you could cut up a nice fresh french baguette and put it in a basket in the middle of the table in case anyone wants to dip the bread in the stew! YUM!

            1. I like to serve beef Bourginon with crispy oven-roasted potatoes, but I have used spaetzel(heavy) and couscous with equally positive results.

              I agree with the light apps, and the baguette or a sourdough bread.

              1. I love melon and prosciutto but it might be hard to find good melon right now. How about something seasonal, like persimmons and prosciutto? That would be different and persimmons are so good!

                1. I'm a big fan of BB with mashed potatoes, or even better celeriac purée. I would go with a less starchy starter, endive with a light shrimp or crab remolade. Last nights apps were lighter than air water crackers smeared with herbed cherve, smoked salmon and capers, wish I would have brought some for lunch.


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                    What about a parsnip/mixed root veg puree? Diverse colours, too. I agree with stevuchan about a starch-light starter. Perhaps a couple of amuse bouches, like a date stuffed with stilton, or a cherry tomato stuffed with chevre. Or seared tuna on a cucumber round and a dollop of horseradish or wasabi mayo on top?

                  2. I'd love a good recipe for BB....I just purchased a crock pot, if that's helpful...

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                      Try a search for Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa's recipes. She has two: one with stewing beef and one with filet. They're both quite good.

                    2. How about a shellfish ceviche? Rosengarten has a great seared shrimp ceviche recipe on his website. You could serve it in champagne flutes to keep the portion size down.

                      I recently had an appetizer of figs stuffed with manchego and serrano and drizzled with a little Spanish EVOO. Amazing. I bet this would work here as well.

                      1. A friend brought over an extremely easy app recently, that I thought looked pretty and was yummy, to boot. It was just cuke rounds with a little scoop out of the middle (not all the way through), topped with hummus. I would add a sprinkle of paprika on top, maybe a little chopped red pepper for color, too. Light and pretty.

                        I do BB with egg noodles (they have wheat egg noodles now....they were really good!), and bread is still a must, I think!

                        1. It seems everyone is swaying toward a light appetizer but I think that if you are serving small portions rather than big heaping plates there is room for a richer appetizer that is perhaps better suited to BB than fish.

                          I had guests recently and did BB. I served a beautiful baked brie stuffed with a duxelle mixture (mushrooms chopped fine and cooked down) with a litte thyme. The whole lot was wrapped in phyllo but puff would be just as nice then baked. We served it with thinkly sliced baguette rounds toasted and some lovely sliced fennel with olive oil for dipping.

                          Dessert was molten chocolate cakes.

                          Again, these were appropriate sized servings not the typically NA feed bag plate overflowing around the edges.


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                            I think I will go with the salmon, - but I agree with the smaller portion idea- that is how I usually serve food- it is moe elegant- especially for serving BB - and leaves room for the molten cakes- there is always more in the kitchen

                            thanks for all the ideas everyone

                          2. As Bourginon is a bit heavy, small appetizer portions will work. May I suggest Toasted Shrimp Cheese bread. Cook shrimp in butter with fresh garlic, lemon, cracked pepper and a pinch of salt. Don't over cook, drain off any x-tra liquids. Mix with a melted Jack Cheese and minced green onions. you may add whole milk to thin if needed. taste for seasoning. put on top of lightly toasted baguette slices, sprinkle with parm cheese and pop in the broiler. Keep an eye on it. Plate it and garnish with sliced peaches and a bitter green of some sort.
                            May I suggest Yukon Gold Whipped Potatoes with a bit of horseradish with your bourginon.
                            White wine with your appetizer. And maybe saut'eed green beans with tomato for your veggie. It will look great on a red plate.