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Nov 30, 2006 12:36 PM

Dotty Dumplings Dowry in Madison, WI

Has anyone been back to this establishment since the move to Francis? Is it my imagination or has the dining pleasure gone down the tubes? I used to love the old restaurant and the burgers were the best in town, not to mention the atmosphere. Consensus? Any better places you'd concider over Dottys?

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  1. I think its still around.... but i didn't go there. Husnus is still alive and kickin though! Nitty Gritty is still around too. (i can't comment on the burgers...i became a veggie before i started college!)

    1. I've been to the new DDD twice. The atmosphere and the food don't compare to the original. It's now just another burger bar.

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        That's what I thought too, it seems like the whole place went down the tubes when the had to move. I used to think that the burgers were great, now they are mediocre at best and they charge extra for condiments? What's that all about anyway? I have heard that the Plaza Tavern has the best burgers, but that was only from a few assorted people. Who in Madtown do you think has the best burgers, great atmosphere, not a chain, and great service?

      2. I only get to Madison a few times a year(Canoecopia), so I don't have a good burger recommendation. Howvever, if you live in Madison and want the best burger meat, it can be purchased at Whole Foods. Buy their fresh ground sirloin or even better is the David's Kosher all natural lean ground beef at Trader Joe's. The quality and taste of David's is better than any restaurant burger meat available. Be sure to use it within 24 hours of purchase or freeze it as patties.

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          Yeah, I have had the Whole Foods stuff, it's not bad, in fact I belong to Willy St Co op and I have yet to try there's, I may do a taste test with all three. I am still trying to find the Best Burger in Madtown