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Nov 30, 2006 12:16 PM

persimmon recipes please

Thanks to the cold weather pushing into Texas, by tomorrow morning we should have a lot of tree-ripened, organic, bright orange-red persimmons. Please share your best recipes so I will use these rare treats wisely. All nationalities welcome!

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  1. I was so looking forward to reading responses to your posts, and surprised that you no one responded. I tasted persimmon for the first time at Thanksgiving (in a salad with frisee, walnuts, walnut oil vinaigrette, Point Reyes blue cheese, and my first Honey Crisp apple). The persimmon was a last minute addition because it looked so darned tempting at the market, and the sweet taste won me over. I hope you and your persimmon harvest are fairing well.

    1. I did a Google search and found this site that has lots of Persimmon recipes. I've never done anything with them so can't help you otherwise. Sorry.

      1. I made this recipe for Gram's Persimmon Pudding the other day

        I'm in Texas, too, and after we had our little mini freeze I commissioned my dad to take me to the lake and help me find persimmons. The pudding is really moist, and I added extra cinnamon, so mine's extra cinnamony. I'm definitely going to make it again. I didn't, however, bake it for the entire hour.

        There are some more yummy-looking persimmon recipes on, but I didn't want to use raisins/nuts/etc. I just wanted persimmony goodness.

        1. As I recall, has some good ideas for persimmons. I'm getting a persimmon tree soon so I am also seeking things to use my persimmons for. Good luck.

          1. The original comment has been removed