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Nov 30, 2006 11:19 AM

Legacy Menu at Seasons

I saw this mentioned in the Calendar a couple weeks ago. Seasons is closing in Jan. for renovations and they're offering a $50 5 course menu (plus amuse and dessert) with dishes from the famous chefs who have passed thru their kitchen over the years. A friend and I went last nite and overall, it was great. But not a soul was there til halfway thru our dinner when a family of 4 came (altho the downstairs lounge was fairly busy). I'd eaten at Seasons about 3 years ago and there were at least a few tables dining. Kind of depressing especially since the people working there were excellent. Very nice host, busboy was sweet and our waiter Fernando was awesome. He knew I was curious about the viognier so he gave me a good sized taste of that along with the riesling I ordered. Plus my fried had an extra taste with her glass of wine PLUS he gave us a bit of cabernet with the beef dish AND some gewurtztraminer with dessert. Talked about wines, fun to chat with, shook our hands when we left, great guy.

As far as the food, Gordon Hamersley's beef dish was amazing. The foie gras ravioli wasn't overly flavorful but the side of turnip was great (more like yams) plus some rabe was on the plate which was good. Jody Adams' duck course was very good and dessert was perfect. At first it didn't seem like we'd get enough food but that was silly, we were stuffed by the time the beef came around so a lemon dessert was perfect. Wasn't big on the quail, the sauce was overpowering for me. Too salty or something. I don't know if it was in the advertised "brioche box" but some side with it was unexciting too. Enjoyed everything else but big props for the beef, dessert and Fernando. This runs thru the end of the year and it's a nice dinner looking out at the Custom House clock and lights on Fanueil Hall and getting some tasty treats for $50.


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  1. Thanks Joanie; this sounds really cool.

    1. Thanks for posting about this, I had read about it as well and was/am further intrigued. Are there options for every course, or is it a straight 5 dishes, no choices? Given the lineup of folks contributing menu items I don't think it's bad if there are no choices, just curious.

      1. hahaha, I love Fernando. That guy is one of the nicest waiters I have ever had the pleasure of having. My boyfriend's brother works at the hotel so we get gift certificates to seasons every year. I love the food and the chef is great, but it is depressing to see that there are only like 2 or 3 other people dining there at 6 o'clock on a saturday. The food is always amazing and the service is impeccable. It's a real shame that it isn't as popular as other restaurants in boston.

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          Cool, glad Fernando has other fans. He was awesome and somehow made the room not seem like the ghosttown it was. You'd think more hotel guests at least would be there but too many closeby options I guess. People, go just to hang with Fernando.

          To mbtabus69, it's only the set menu that's linked on the web site. I wanted to add that I didn't think the lobster sausage was as great as I expected, kind of dry and no flavors jumped out. Oyster, duck, beef and lemon dessert made up for it.

        2. joanie, thanks for your articulate and detailed report! v. helpful.