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Nov 30, 2006 10:10 AM

Christmas recipes list.....bring 'em on!

Can't even believe it's a few weeks away! We always do a big brunch at our place (combo Christmas/Hannakuh), and I've got my staple yummy recipes....but how about we compile a list of great brunch ideas/recipes? Figured it would help not only me!!

I normally do a Baked Grand Marnier French Toast, bagel platter with lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, and onion, some sort of egg casserole, thick cut bacon, fruit, mimosas, coffee, etc.

Suggestions? Bring 'em on!

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  1. Mimosas made w/ cranberries cooked in simple syrup are really pretty and taste good--you get the cranberries floating in the champagne. For the egg casserole, if you're looking for ideas, I've made a sausage, cheese and oven-dried tomatoes strata that was really easy and good.

    oven dried tomatoes:

    Also, cinnamon buns are always a hit--just make them the day before, refrigerate overnight and bake the morning of. I've done them from scratch and also make the Clone of Cinnabon recipe from allrecipes, using my breadmaker to make the dough.

    1. WHy not do some roasted/hash brown potatoes and a baked ham. If it's brunch some may want more lunch type items.

      1. Do you have a recipe for the baked french toast please?

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          Yes please. I'd love the recipe for the Grand Marnier French toast. Have you tried other liquors as well (Frangelica, Irish Cream, Kirsch)?

        2. Could you post your recipe for Grand Marnier French toast. I've got tons of Grand Marnier to use.

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          1. You could do a frittata instead of the egg casserole - easy to make ahead of time and good at room temperature.