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Nov 30, 2006 06:50 AM

Where Can I get Hoshigaki?

Where can I find hoshigaki (dried hachiya persimmons) in the Bay Area? I saw this article in sfgate:

I'd like to get the hoshigaki in person rather than do mail order for it. Is this available in Chinatown?

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  1. The article mentions Tokyo Fish in Berkeley ... massaged dried persimmons.

    "Hoshigaki are made from whole Hachiya persimmons, meticulously peeled, that dangle from a pole for a month to dry. While drying, they are gingerly massaged every few days to redistribute the fruit's sugars and bring them to the surface in a delicate white bloom."

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      I was hoping there is somewhere a bit close to home than Berkeley. I live in the Peninsula

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        The Chinese ones are different from the Japanese Hoshi-gaki. See pic:

        The Chinese persimmons are Fuyu and they're mass produced and dried in dehydrators. Hoshi-gakis are bigger and it's sun dried (thus, $18+ per pound):

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          Not exactly Bay Area, but they have them at Ikeda's Market in Davis right now. It's right off 80. At $16.99/lb I couldn't afford to try them but thought I would pass it along.

      2. While I've never bought any, you might try a Japanese grocery store - Nijiya or Suruki's in San Mateo.

        1. FYI, if you can't find them on the Penninsula and decide to go to Tokyo Fish, call to ask about availability. I went today and they were sold out. I guess I wasn't the only one intrigued about that Chron report about massaged dried persimmons.

          1. The Wednesday farmers' market at CSM(college of san mateo) has it - look for the lady with all the tubs of nuts!

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              Is the lady also there on Saturday?

            2. No, she's only there on Wed.